Tactile Hallucination symptoms

Mine aren’t. Mostly it’s like I’m being given needles.

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Hello meteor

You can not fix this problem it is something else. The sensations or mini vibrations is another soul inside your soul, I used to think it was a weakening in the prostate so I would reflex this muscle to try and stop the vibrations. I tried many things to try and stop this but it never ended. The soul within you has something inside its right leg that can move up and wrap itself around your ■■■■■ causing these sensations. With your mind you can move this thing back and forth with thought forms and see what I am talking about or try understanding something is there and push it down into the leg you should be able to feel this. Do you feel things moving on your crown, try to imagine a hand moving down on your crown and see if they move down on your head. The stomach thing is how they are getting nourishment and sustaining themselves, locate the feeling and move it with your mind you should be able to move it side to side. This entity is one I am looking for and will not be a problem for you to much longer.

here is a link to some others having some of these symptoms


I don’t know where to start. This is you winging it man , all your own views and opinions and in quite detail , especially this excerpt

‘The soul within you has something inside its right leg that can move up and wrap itself around your ■■■■■’



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Hello Meteor

I have experienced many of these things and have felt and experienced these same things many times that you are talking about this is why I have all these details. Their are a number of dark souls within the veil that have these toys inside of them, and they like to play. The little vibrations in that area is their way of getting to your soul to get into your souls mind. These feeling only occur a few hours a day and you can’t figure out the pattern can you. The stomach thing well it pulls things from the things you eat moving inside of you. The genital area is the first place they attack because it is the place that causes your soul to ask questions and then they can enter into it it’s mind. When a soul is overlapped on your soul they can see you in the veil and this means you are an open target for all kinds of sexual harassment. They like the feelings in our minds as they do this and they like the ability to feel your thoughts.

The thing in their leg is similar to a squid but only has three tentacles these are the cause of your discomfort. Believe what you want I do not really care just thought to share information about where your discomfort is coming from.


How can you say this without any real proof.
That’s just immense fabrication Of the imagination. Reminds me of a science fiction plot

Hello levelj1

The proof that I have is I feel these things all the time. Their is a group that comes and removes these things from them once they enter into me. I have had these souls within me over a dozen times this is the proof I have. I get to see many things also and experience some of their thoughts prior to them being pulled apart. I watch over twenty sites looking for them and these signs meteor is talking about and can show many more posts relating to them. If science fiction is everything you can not see or understand then yes I suppose it is science fiction. Like I said I really do not care who believes me they know the truth and they will seek me out through my words. The problem is I have to say these things to draw them out so just ignore my words and try not to understand them. The problems meteor is having will stop soon and he will not have them again until something else finds him asking questions in his mind.


Feelings can fool though.

Mine aren’t. The voodoo pin stabbies aren’t sexual… just painful.

I have a few nice ones… like the fingers in my hair… I like that one.

I think the sexual ones I had when I was younger was because I was engaging in some very rampant behavior… but that’s just me…

Plus I have always had this weird thing… and some day…somewhere I’ll hear of another person who has it too…

Physical sensation lingers for me… if you hug me for a few minutes… and then let go… I can still feel the hug on me for a long time. Set your hand on my arm… and I can’t feel when you let go. It will still feel like the hand is on me.

It can get a bit freaky… it can feel like there are 10 hands on me some times… I can see there aren’t but it still feels that way. That was one of the problems with showering… the feeling of water hitting my skin stayed with me… even when I left the shower.

Well I know that when your receptors become accustomed to a certain stimulus and you take it away sometimes they’ll continue to fire until they register the stimulus isn’t there anymore. It’s like they go on auto mode almost. It’s the same thing that causes you to feel like you’re still in a wave pool even after you get out I think. Still your case does sound somewhat strange.

It is really creepy to feel random hands on you that aren’t there though, I feel you on that one. (No pun intended! Ha!) I’ve gotten some positive touch ones too though, I always like to think it’s my helper voices doing it when that happens…

I didn’t start getting tactile hallucinations until I was like 15. Wonder what triggers it…hm

The voodoo pin stabbies and the hands in the hair and other small ones seem to happen at night when I’m just settling in to sleep after a very physical day. I figure it’s triggered by the brain just pinging around after a long day… and lifting and digging. A day that is physically lighter doesn’t seem to have it as much.

like a car engine that pings and clicks when the engine is cooling down after a hard run.

The hug thing is all the time… so maybe I get hypersensitive about being touched and my brain holds on to it… or I just have a nerve thing?

My sis thinks it’s some light nerve damage from the house fire. But it feels like I had this hypersensitivity before then. OH well… it’s with me no matter where it started.

My first guess was nerve damage too with what you experienced, but like you said who knows.

I don’t experience the tactile stuff nearly as much as I used to. I like to think it’s because I get more sleep now. Do you think sleep effects yours?

I have had a variety of tactile hallucinations, and often experience combined visual and tactile hallucinations of things inside my body space. These can vary from large balls of pure love, intelligent beams of light which manipulate things, energy points on my body including the sexual energy points and so on.

Risperidone did help to a certain extent, but I have a sneaking suspicion it did more harm than good. I’ve moved to Orap, which allows a few more sensations to get through the cracks but has fewer other side effects.

As to causes, I like Notmoses’s statement: don’t ask unless you are Ready for Anything.

This can happen…Just say NO THANK YOU aloud and leave the bedroom for 15 minutes. Can help to sleep in room with someone else or just sleep on the couch for a while…Some who had this happening too much just called it something wrong in the house & moved…

Can be really troublesome if it affects your sleep or you get a full-body freeze, can be scary.

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Had a minor episode of this today. Not sure what caused it . But after my brain feels pretty blank. Disturbing none the less.
Swift reminder that this illness never really goes away.

I’ve experienced all five types of hallucinations at some time or the other. I’ve had tactile hallucinations of being socked in the gut by a visual hallucination. And it felt real!

Try transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression, get back on seroquel if need be and stay as active as you possibly can be. Rtms therapy helped me a bit and i may do it again. If you do it for depression region of skull you may lose some anxiety. I have had severe tactile hallucinations since 2006, you gotta dig in and understand this may be a mark for life.

I used to get them quite frequently but not as much anymore. Mine felt like hands grabbing my feet, legs, hands, and arms. Those hands felt like they were vibrating or made of some weird type of energy. Abilify used to help but Seroquel and Haldol were the most effective for managing them. However, I try to ignore and let the sensations passover and this method isn’t always effective but it’s improving.

I have vibrations and feelings of energy in my spine and body it feels like some one is putting energy inside me and the voices say its thoughts of hate and pain that will turn into eternal torment when I die