What are your Tactile Hallucinations?

I experience so called Tactile Hallucinatios around the clock, being beaten and being sexually violated. I’m wondering how unsusual this is for people with SZ or if i need a med change. How often do you experience Tactile Hallucinations and what are they? How do you cope?

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Why the fudge do we all have the same hallucinations?? Maybe the should just drop us all off on a tropical island and see what happens.
My guess is because of adults who think its ok to have sex with children.

I don’t understand what you mean. Are you saying that your tactile hallucinations are the same or similar?

Yes. Pinching and plucking. Un authorized sex.

Sorry to hear you experience the same. I’ve read on other posts that people expeience similar but most don’t seem to want to discuss it. Thanks for your response. How do you cope?

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It only happens once in a blue moon. I accept it.

Yeah these were a big problem for me the sense of heat ,the sense of cold, the sense of wind , sexual arrousal without thoughts , the sensation my organs were being pulled apart , these were my strongest hallucinations. I was hoping that they would find an organic anomaly for this but they did a ct scan and I was within normal limits. I may look to get done an electrical check on my brain , but I also think what’s the point of exchanging one category of meds for an equally unpalatable different category.

I’ve had some over the years, here they be:

A hand rested on my shoulder, i turned around but no one was there, creepy right?

And they keep telling me i was only hallucinating but i was horribly shocked one night and it hurt like hell, at the same moment of the shock a fanged grinning face made of light appeared.

I was also burned, which also hurt and left two marks on me, another face made of light appeared.

And i don’t know if you’d call this a tactile but my spine was bent backwards to, force was put on it and my breathing became screwed up because of it. A tactile from hell.

That a bug or spider is on me or sometimes an animal. I jump and swat at things all the time.

Before I was on meds I would feel fingers poking at my back while lying down sometimes. It didn’t happen that often and didn’t last very long. I’d forgotten about it in fact.

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No tactile hallucinations here.

I have a weird tactile things going on with me anyway. If someone hugs me… when they let go… it feels like I’m still being hugged. If they hold my hand… and let go… it still feels like my hand is being held. Any touch lingers when the person lets go.

The shower used to feel like sold ice or gravel hitting me.

For the hallucinations…
The bad ones… stabbed with pins or being burned… pinched… bugs on me.
The good ones… fingers running gently through my hair… being gently rubbed.

I usually have to ride it out… get away from where I am and do something else… sometimes a bath will reset my calm.

Touch is the biggest one, though I did experience awful sexual tactile things in the past. Sometimes I get really weird ones that feel like something is sticking a hand in my brain and moving everything around.

Usually the touch hallucinations are harmless, like it’s one of my helpers putting a hand on my back or head or whatever. I don’t experience the awful ones as much anymore.

Last night I couldn’t breathe for a solid 5 seconds because I felt like something was being pressed against my face. It was really scary.

I have tactile hallucinations of bugs crawling all over me.

I get spiders and flies crawling on my skin a lot, I used to think they’re really there and just fly away or jump off before I can see them, but I could never find them anywhere… Some days it happens constantly and some days not at all, and sometimes only when I’m trying to sleep which is really annoying.

i dont have sz but I have some of the same hallucinations. Being violated, beaten, and also feeling hands pull on my backpack at school

The bugs and the nanobots, just under the skin. The cold hands touching the back of my neck.

Hands on my shoulders, hair being pulled, insects crawling beneath my skin. Don’t get them as much anymore but they are horrible.

I experience them every day. Some times they feel like someone holding or grabbing my hand. I feel like spiders are crawling all over me and also see them. Just things like that.