T.V. is rubbish :( i dont understand it anymore

what does it mean? its all stupid lol, it doesnt even make sense haha

whats the point? filling our brains with ■■■■

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I never watch TV. Just recently some movies, it’s a slow progress.


Only current day entertainment I indulge in is sports. Fk modern day music tv and movies. Except sports

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i flicked through the channels and i thought, thats ridiculous, thats ridiculous, thats weird and ridiculous and some things are just plain weird and stupid lol, its like everything

@turningthepage sport is ok but it can be boring just watching it on my own, i think motor racing or blood sports might do it for me but then i’ll be like ‘this is too bloody stupid’ car goes fast round corners etc same old same old, person hits person- person hits back, its so predictable.

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ya I just don’t have patience to just lounge and watch TV. I never sit on the couch to start with. I’m always at my desk.

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i just lie on the couch with a blanket over me on my laptop, its comfortable and everything is handy but the tv is a bone of contention


I feel uncomfortable when lying down and doing something. I also don’t like sitting at sofas at restaurants, always chair and sitting upright. I wish I liked watching TV though, I would spend my days just chilling and enjoying myself. :sleeping:

I watch Netflix. I can’t stand TV. I’m currently watching Lost, which is pretty great.


Watching TV is too draining for me. I stopped watching it altogether a long time ago, before I had SZ even.

I guess my brain has other agendas…

My TV isn’t working, but when it does work I watch “Law and Order” - not the “SVU” or “Criminal Intent”, just the regular Law and Order. It has distinctive characters, weighty moral questions, and pertinent issues. I don’t like sitcoms, though.

there is ;
doctor who
grand designs
a politicians husband
the honorable woman
would i lie to you ?
of course this is the bbc in the u.k.
we have the educational/cultural programe of ’ home and away '…in australia !?!..lol :smiley:
take care :alien:

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I get bored very easily when it comes to watching TV - its a vast wasteland.

I am starting to watch less of the News, because its triggering me more and more.

I am basically on the computer a lot or I am walking a lot.

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How about this? The pharaohs at the top of the cultural pyramid like being there. So. They use the educational system, the mass media and every other means of conditioning, habituating, socializing and normalizing our minds to accept our lot as producers, consumers and defenders of the pharaohs’ wealth.


that’s why it is called One-eyed Monster…

idk what you are talking about, you need to use laymans terms with me lol, i am just a humble commoner with sz lol

well change the channel then…

You should listen to what Eckhart Tolle says about watching TV, he thinks it decreases ones presence and mental awareness and energy, and the best thing to do is to only watch programmes you specifically choose and not to let the hypnotic effect of the TV carry you away.

He also says it’s a way of not being aware of ones problems and ones mental state, to live for a while in someone else’s thought and awareness stream. But that the effect of the set is also dulling your ability to experience what comes in.


i have, again and again and again, it’s all ■■■■, every channel filling our heads with nonsense.

you think you are smart but you are taken in with this rubbish again and again. (apart from morning tv) i like shooting the breeze, but 99.9% of tv is rubbish and i dont get it.

i totally believe that it takes you away from reality, its like an alternate reality inside this little box on the screen. i’d like to know more about this Eckhart Tolle fellow :slight_smile:

lots and lots of docs on every conceivable subject , news , current affairs , history , science …your havn a laugh…