T.V. is rubbish :( i dont understand it anymore

n thats your opinion not mine, i was flicking through the channels lately and everything is totally ridiculous in my opinion, tv is rubbish most of the time,

you tell me specifically what you watch and i will tell you why it is ridiculous to watch that.

even the trash , tracks popular culture which has some merit…

ive told you what I watch , news , current affairs , docs , etc etc

you didnt tell me what you watch, you told me what types of things you watch but not what you actual watch, tell me what you watch and i will give you my opinion of why i think they are ridiculous and stupid.

no , that should be enough for you , I am not going to listen to tripe about agendas of individual channels , news outlets, etc , I make up my own mind bro.

I only watch cartoons. :rainbow:


hmmm, well everything i watch is usually rubbish, some of it is mildly entertaining but mostly rubbish.

cartoons are pretty good but as long as they are funny, the amazing world of gumball-

tom and Jerry is really funny but you need to be in the mood,

Robot Chicken is ok, here -

i like morning tv a bit,

but right now i am listening to a new release of mikky ekko called time and reading a batman comic i got cheap with the tv off and it is great :slight_smile:

i dont want to waste my time trying to sift through the masses of rubbish on tv, i dont want to get lost in that world.

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I read books to fill my brain with information. I watch TV shows when I want it to shut up and leave me alone.

We don’t have cable or satellite any longer – just Netflix. Lots of good documentaries on there. I watch those every so often. I also enjoy Ted Talks.


Yes! Gumball :heart_eyes: :heartbeat:
Have you ever watched Uncle Grandpa? Its on CN too.

Basically avoid any reality TV show, any American sitcom except Big Bang Theory, any movie which doesn’t rate at least 6.5 on IMDb, any live action show made for kids, any news put out by Fox or CNN, and any documentary made by Discovery or National Geographic channel.

That leaves sports, a few cartoons, the BBC, indie documentaries, House, CSI, good movies and a bunch of miscellaneous average tat.

I’ve had Netflix, but they basically don’t add enough good new stuff to be worth it, imho. I want to keep cable for news and sports.

I also have an Apple TV box for YouTube, TED and so on on the big screen.

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i have a now tv but i struggle to watch the smallest thing, i was watching yonderland and that looked interesting with puppets and things but idk if i can watch it again bc i lose interest so fast but i still want to watch it, i put it in the ‘maybe’ category for me (is a big thing) just to get a maybe lol

Don’t own a T.V.

But there are some good shows…

I’m all about Channel 9 on-line.

I like science shows… travel shows and even stuff like Top Gear.

But as far as prime time shows… NO thank you.

i get fed up with cars, i find them boring now, i’d prefer actually driving than atching people drive lol,

science shows are ok but its all about the same things, nothing new really, even if they discover something its nothing new to me anyay haha, i have got a whole bunch of universes in my head as far as i am concerned and i am the God of all of them haha

I found a show from BBC “Coast” on DVD… love that show…

But I don’t watch much… I’ve been finding that sometimes it’s easier for me to read then watch a show.

Yes, most of the time I can’t find anything to watch on TV, the movies are almost all rubbish, but I sometimes watch a girly fashion show or cooking show on TLC channel or an Islamic show on ITV. But the news I avoid, it irritates me. My husband watches news and laughs at the crazy world like its a comedy show, but I don’t think its funny, its crap :frowning:

it stresses me out, like all i ever hear about is about isis blowing ■■■■ up and killing people and bloody immigrants annoying everyone, (i know its not their faults but like wtf) i just wish someone would do something about it, its like the whole world doesnt care,

i am really worried about these syrians that are said to be coming here to britain, i am just worried about who is on our streets, we have romanians begging on the corners and alsorts of dodgy characters, shifty, creeping about, talking different languages and i dont know why they cant speak english, its just annoying,

i started to get really paranoid when they started shipping them up here from england on busses, we were flooded by them and they made me paranoid, this was around the time 9/11 happened and i was sectioned under the mental health act.

Car races, college football & black & white movies from the '30s (with the sound turned off). Which seems associated with 1) my IQ increasing by 20 points and 2) a complete absence of anxiety and depression now (after watching the news for decades.)

Hey! They don’t call these shows PROGRAMS for no reason.