Feel stupid about tv

i have all of this free tv and i cant use any of it :frowning:

i feel like a complete idiot, its probably excellent content but i cannot be bothered watching,(to scared to even try tbh) it sucks.

its like the phone, i just got a new phone and i dont even want to use it, cant be bothered,
its like i am fed up with modern technology or something but at the same time i want to get a new laptop and i would like to get a nice eco friendly car.

but i wish i could watch something, tbh i dont think tv is my thing, maybe i should just quit after this free trial and not pay.


I don’t find much on TV. I have rabbit ears that only pick up PBS. When I can sit still long enough I’m going to Try netflix. See if there are some movies for me.

Ditch the TV and put the money towards your Laptop, you can watch TV from your laptop, right?

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When I was on Abilify, I was afraid of things high tech, including the computer and cell phone

tv is a spectator sport. You are probably wanting to be more active.

I got completely rid of the T.V. and I think that helped me also get better. T.V. is horrid. The shows all have screaming and blood and people being picked on.

The commercials are loud and flash… flash…flash… It’s just not good. Besides, T.V. can be watched on the Computer.

I do watch channel 9 on-line and I’m all about top gear. Downloaded with no adverts.

Telephone? I have an old land line with an answering machine with caller I.D. I don’t like the phone either.

I hope you get the lap top. My sis has two. One windows for school and one Mac for everything else. Good luck and don’t feel bad about the T.V.

Your not the only one who isn’t in to it.

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So true. Cant watch the news without hearing about a mass shooting, or a kidnapping…not only that but the t.v starts talking to me.

Everytime my phone rings my heart skips a beat and i think its gunna be the end of the world. prlly best to do away with all of it.

I think that is how I went off of it is because of the messages I was getting from it,

@jsuprised I dont even watch anything online except the odd youtube music video, I also hate most adverts.

I would save on a tv license I guess