SZA vs schizophrenia with depression

What’s the difference between schizoaffective disorder, depressive type and just having schizophrenia with depression. Aren’t those equal?

Many of you have just schizophrenia with depression, yes?

With schizoaffective disorder - depressive type, the depression can get pretty intense.

Schizophrenia with some depression - the depressive episodes are rather mild or milder than schizoaffective disorder depressive type.

Its up in the air really and up to the pdoc.

With schizoaffective- depressed/bipolar/mixed type the mood element has to be present 50% or more of the time. If not it’s schizophrenia with depression or schizophrenia with manic features.

I keep telling my doc I’m not bipolar. Not one symptom, save for depression sometimes. Last week she did agree with me, but I still have a diagnosis of schizoaffective. I suppose the diagnosis doesn’t matter anyway. It’s the getting better.

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