Schizophrenia vs schizoaffective depression type

i will look this up but what in laymans terms are the differences?
i have heard that it is a bit less severe
can you have schizoaffective with depression
and maintain enough functioning to go travelling for a month on a good spell and not be able to leave a self harming drinking isolation when things are bad for 5 years?
can enduring delusions of 5 yrs be managed and still be able to go on a walking holiday for a few weeks?

I’ve been diagnosed with both and more. It just means you have depression or a mood disorder along with a thought disorder. I guess it is less severe. Schizophrenics can get depression but it is somehow different.

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At first I was diagnosed with schizophrenia but now my psychologist thinks I’m schizoaffective depressive type. Before I was on Meds I had visual and auditory hallucinations almost constantly paranoid and delusional. On top of it I always feel depressed. It’s supposed to have a better prognosis than schizophrenia but I’m not sure why. I have a lot less motivation and drive and energy than I had before it happened. However I’ve been pushing myself and have been able to get stuff done.


@Thanna, @sea00115699, @insidemind, Don’t believe the lie that sza is less severe than sz. It’s not true. Sza is the same as sz only with the added problems of a mood disorder on top of it. It’s actually having two disorders instead of one: sz and depression or sz and bipolar.


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