POLL: Do you have a schizophrenia diagnosis (not sza) and have depression?

I read on here that a lot of people have depression with schizophrenia. I was wondering if you have schizophrenia with depression? My doctor said I am schizoaffective, depressive type, because I have depression too. I’m ok with that, but I was just curious if some people here were still diagnosed schizophrenia, not schizoaffective, and have depression.

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I take an antidepressant so can’t be sure, but I haven’t had depressive moods in a long while.

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I mainly have schizophrenia, with low levels of depression. I’m still sad about something that happened months ago. Abilify acts partly as an anti depressant, so I’m probably not as depressed as I could be…

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I’ve been wondering too if it’s possible to have just schizophrenia without depression or mania

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SZA is schizophrenia + a mood disorder, such as depression, bipolar 1, or bipolar 2.


Correct. It’s just as I thought that many people who have schizophrenia also have depression. That’s what I’ve been reading on this forum for as long as I’ve been on it. That’s been over year and a half now.

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Thanks for responding @fish_the_archer @Mars @anon70814080 @Andrey.

Thank you everyone for voting.


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