Dating someone with sza

I’ve been going on dates with someone who has sza and it is difficult because we both are really unstable. Some days we click and vibe really well and other days not so much. Yesterday when we hung out, we got along great. Today, not so much. We’re hanging out again on saturday, but idk how that will be. I just have had no good experiences dating anyone who is also ill so far, so i’m wondering: Do you guys think two people with sz/sza can date or should we only date normies?


I think if the person is more stable despite mental illness then it will work out better.


I honestly don’t know that I personally could be with someone who is also sz/sza/bipolar…

But to each their own.

If you guys can make it work, go for it!


I have sz and I’m not bat sh1t crazy. In fact I think I function pretty well. If I ever come across a compatible woman who has a mental illness, I may give it a try regardless.


I think it’s a case by case deal. Certain people will be able to click and be ok together regardless of illness. Some won’t. It all depends on the people and what they’re dealing with and how they mesh together or not

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i dated people who had mental illness for the first time when i was 24. one just had OCD i think. we were on and off in my late 20s too. my fiance at 24/25 was bipolar but i strongly suspect sza like me. she was a sweetheart at first but became a witch when unstable. like a mean old racist woman. then i dated samantha. thought she was faster or tougher than me when really not at all so that fault was with me.


I agree it’s a case by case deal.

In my case, I have schizoaffective bipolar type and my husband of 20 years has bipolar type 2. We’re both sexual abuse survivors, which helps us be patient with one another since we know what the other has been through. We couldn’t be happier and it works out great.


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