Who dates with sz?

I’ve been alone now for a couple of years I thought the diagnosis would scare someone away, but I think trying to date might fill in the loneliness and take away some of the worry if I’m preoccupied. Is it possible what do you think?


I have been dating for 4 years and I have sza

If you are a woman dating won’t be a big problem.

If you are a guy dating will be a huge problem.

Men are more willing to date a woman with schizophrenia than women are willing to date a man with schizophrenia.


…if you are unemployed and on benefits.

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That makes things even worse.

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I am not doing anything, the meds take care of that.

I’m probably saner than half the women I dated, I just have a less appetizing label.

I’ve just been thinking being lonely you think more. I need a distraction to get out of my head. Right trying to date would help

I have a girlfriend of 2 years and she has a similar problem to schizophrenia — find someone with sza in common


I like being single. Im hot im funny charming and sweet but i prefer to be byy myself. I have dated both sexes and i am excited at firyt and it gets old after a while.

I came to that conclusion that id rather be single for life today. I dont know why i was talking about a wife and kids the other day. I dont even have friends at the moment and i am peaceful and satisfied somewhat. Im doing great.

Even my friendships all have grown sour. Im a lone wolf. Every man for themselves. Well to some extent. I am super kind i have incredibly empathy.i do care. But i like being alone for thee most part

I have been with my partner about 2 years now and I’m very happy with them!!

I think you should try some dates!!

I had an opportunity to date this sz guy where I live, he used to come to my store and buy stuff, only when I left did I find out that he had sz when I bumped into him.

On top of other reasons, the sz did put me off.

It’s just so much stress. For me…,

Nice guy though :confused:

I used to date with my voices until they got tired of me.

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