Sz attitude... do you have one?

i have a burgeoning sz attitude. it consists of downplaying everything around me. oh you have a headache and are complaining… ooookay. oh you think i am a hermit because i might be anti-social, don’t talk much and might be isolating… go ■■■■ yourself. let’s show some life and attitude fellow sz’ers. we all want recovery, less stigma, happiness, close relationships, and the list goes on. Next time you witness some type of injustice, whether to you or someone else, speak your mind… have an sz attitude.


well said, but that kick in the pants attitude I feel is wrong. People need to stabilize on meds first and foremost, anything positive after that is up to how badly that person suffers from schizophrenia I think?

I don’t care. I’m never takin’ AP’s ever again. I’d rather be thin & angry instead of fat & incompetent. I’m angry because I had a life prior to SZ. I was more in-shape than the vast majority of men and had an excellent & high-paying career. I was doing wonders.

I don’t care what people think about my condition, though. I’m keeping everything private & on lockdown. I have secret beliefs that only matter to me. Going solo & staying invisible is all I care about now. Don’t need human contact, 'least not from men… never did really…

:laughing: do men annoy you?

Most of my suffering has happened at the hands of men, so I tend to generalize. I have always felt more comfortable around women, even though the voices & characters I hallucinate tell me that I did not have a very good Mother. I think it was having decent sisters that did me in, but I come from a very immoral family - I stood out as a strong moral person despite all of it; treated like junk for no good reason.