After I tell someone about myself

Things I like to say after people know I’m Sz.

I know this illness sucks. I’m not trying to paint this head circus with a pretty brush. But after the hell I’ve been through and all the hard work I’ve put in and the bad days and surviving a suicide attempt and staying off drugs, and staying on meds… I feel I deserve a little fun with this circus.

So when someone rants at me I can ignore them completely and say… “What? Sorry, my voices were much more interesting, so I quit listening to you ages ago.”

When I’m at a family dinner and I want to go home, I will sometimes rock on purpose for no other reason then my Aunt takes it as a sign that my meds are wearing off and it’s time to rush me out the door.

When someone it boring me with small talk I will sometimes jump topic a few times just for fun. My sis can spot this ruse a mile away, but some family members get freaked out and leave me alone.

Or I’ll not look at them and let my gaze drift around the room and say… “Do you see what I see?”
That makes them leave me alone too.

I also like to reach out and touch their face and say, “Oh, you’re real. I like you better as a hallucination.”

I only do this to family and some family friends who hold on to their misinformation and stereotypes about Sz. I know it might perpetuate some negative perceptions. But I don’t do this to everyone.

Sometimes I just want to use what little benefit having this head circus affords me. Use their incorrect perceptions in my favor.


that’s funny, i might use some of those !
take care

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Take joy in the fact that they believe you. The few people outside of my family I’ve told I was paranoid schizophrenic…their first reaction: “Oh I’m paranoid too”. >>>_>>>


precious!!! absolutely precious