Honesty 101

Well, you guys treat me amazingly well here and I appreciate it. But a lot of people in the regular world do not respect me. I am kind of invisible to a lot of people in life. Most of the time it’s OK, I’ve never wanted a lot of attention. But people don’t even try to hide the fact that they are using me. I called my mom tonight with the good news about my “lost paper” . I told her this, I told her I have to get a lot meaner to survive. She told me that I have always been a good person and to just stay the way I am. I guess she may be right.


Yes, I do not get respected a lot in person also. What I have noticed about other fellow SZ and SZA people is that we are a non critical more accepting bunch. We do not put up false cold barriers, we welcome all kinds of different people. I think its because many of us have been to Hell and back, so we know pain and suffering well and we can empathize with others that are not doing so well in their lives. Even the non SZ people on this site are very tolerant and understanding - they too know what it feels like to suffer because they see it in others who are suffering as well.
I think that I am misunderstood a lot - how I act many times is not who I really am on the inside


I have found that people with schizophrenia are as varied in their outlook as much as the general population.


Nick, some of the recollections of your life and narrow escapes I think was due to the fact that your a pretty mellow and nice guy. If you were a true ■■■■■■■, I don’t think you would have survived some of the narrow escapes of your younger adult years.

Your a nice guy and your boss put you in charge for a while probably knowing that you wouldn’t go power tripping all over the staff. The people who are taking over the business noticed you in a good way… probably because you were a nice guy who gets on with the job.

I agree with your Mom, you don’t need to change to survive. Sometimes nice guys survive better because people like you enough not to mess with you. (some exceptions apply, there are always jerks in the world)


Thanks surprised, that’s very helpful. I appreciate it.

“Any man who tries to be good all the time is bound to come to ruin among the great number who are not good” I read in a book once. All my life I have been good and honest (for the most part)… but I always come across people who will disrespect me and or use me for their own gains. I may seem weak to a great number of people but I don’t retaliate, I just think it is my purpose to stick by the way I have always followed. I once did become that person and although it was a easier way going about things, it just wasn’t my way.

A SZ guy in my former cooking group got beat up in his apartment lobby. He said apartment tenants are the worse to deal with. Are you in a safe building 77nick77?

As a rule, I’d side with the schizophrenics.

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Gang/cause stalking is a problem for all of us when some of the (closet) schizos decide to follow orders from the voices to be a problem for others - bothering strangers about something private, stalking, vandalisms, trespassings, harassing coworkers/customers & targeting a relationship possibility to mistreat him/her. The ‘disrespect’ goes so far. I’m really terrified when it has gotten me fired from one job without unemployment and scared out of another due to the threats from a coworker…Do you call these folks ‘terrible people’ when females are treated this way in church too? I just think a lot of the folks embrace the Anti-Christ way…this joke runs in my city amongst the victims of schizo.