Syrian refugees have found good clothes

Even up here in north we have new Syrian refugees, they have found a good place to get good clothes, one religious flea market where I have also visited often, good for them, it is a terrible situation currently in Syria, especially in Aleppo …


I can just imagine how difficult journey they have gone through to come here where I am, in the land of peace, one day there shall be the peace also in Syria and all war criminals shall be judged accordingly, I am happy that at least few were able to leave that terror and war and come to peace.

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Here in the uk there is quite an anti refugee narrative in some of the papers. Personally I think it is shameful considering the role Britain has played in the Syrian disaster.

One day when peace arrives, there will be special trials like those in Nuremberg after the second WW and the NAZIs were judged, we just must wait … Syrian war criminals shall be judged accordingly.

Imagine yourself not knowing if you’ll die this second or the other, maybe you have until tomorrow, it must be very hard in there. I can’t watch the news anymore because of all the terror that happens around the world.

I do not know any person in my land who is exporting war or funding isis. In fact we are against it.

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Everybody has the right for their opinion, I probably have higher education than you have. I am not in America, I do not vote for Hillary, but I think she will win.

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