Helping refugees

Im in Europe.

We just had our Memorial day of ww2 and war victims. The king spoke. I was kind of annoyed. We have refugee camps on the borders of Europe where men, women and children are living in horrible conditions. They are doing these “how could they look away” and “never again” and “those heroes of resistance” speeches. While at the same time even stopping orphaned or alone kids from these camps to enter our country. It feels odd and incongruent.

What would be a good way to help these people? And to protest the way they are treated?

I want to do something and dont know what. I dont want a political discussion. I just wonder what would be a good way of helping out because it makes me terribly sad.

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Maybe volunteer to serve them food, if they have those kinds of programs in place where you live.

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The real camps are on the boundaries of Europe…not in my country. They should give people homes all over Europe though.

I looked it up and there are such programs sending volunteers. Id have to travel abroad though. Im not sure if im stress proof enough to stay there for a longer period and be useful. Maybe i can donate money to such a program. Or maybe at a later time.

Thanks for your suggestion!! :slight_smile:

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Ah, yea the travelling bit could be a little stressful for sure.

Donating money sounds like a good way to contribute-- it’s all about doing what you can how you can.

Good luck!


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