Refugee crisis in Europe and potential MI/sz people

You may have heard about the refugee crisis in Europe currently. Many refugees are coming from Iraq and Syria. Many of these people may have experienced some hard times in the countries of their origin. Just interested how many may have some kind of mental illness due to their life experiences?

My country gets into the global news rarely, because we are just a 5.2 million people nation, but today the Prime Minister promised one of his houses for the use of refugees and this was reported worldwide.


Terrible problem this is
Shows you there is suffering all over the world

Its freaking horrible these people need help, I guess a child washed up the shore somewhere, that is some bad stuff,it reminds me of the Cuban people trying to come to the US.

I says that if can give help to people that need it we should.

Yes David Cameron is going to let more in
I have a spare room I could take one in

i heard germany took the last and this year 5x more refugees and immigrants than the large country of USA altogether. and germany is like 30x times smaller than the USA. yeah i dont know what these politicians are thinking. the USA seems to be very big on immigration right now with Donlad Trump and the Republican party but for some reason they arent even taking that many immigrants in anyway.

Canada has been taking a lot of refugees as well. I have some friends in Beirut, whose parents are of Syrian origin, they left to Sweden but it’s gonna be really tough for them. The lifestyle is just SO different and they’re gonna experience culture shock. Even the language is different. I don’t support this. A lot of people are just leaving because they can but they’re not even able to learn a new language and get a job.

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I was probably diagnosed mentally ill because I left my country at 18. I faced some really tough days in my life. It’s not easy especially for the elderly.

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Im watching this right now on CNN,we as Americans unfortunately won’t give up our perks even if it saves lives.

We drive $50000 Suv’ that cost hundreds of dollars a month just to maintain, its no wonder the world NEEDS TO END