My good deed today

I did a good thing today. I know all kinds of people in my little town. There are poorer and richer. I learned during Easter that one person is an eastern Orthodox person. He is so poor that he has only his clothes. In fact, he is as poor as many Ukrainian refugees we have here. They have also just their clothes. Any way I gave one small Orthodox icon (5cmX5cm) to this person and he seemed quite happy. Hopefully this act brings some good luck for him. This was my good deed today.


Good job man i like good deeds ! I tend to handout food and clothes to homeless people to, donate to feed the children, child sex trafficking victims, churches, and Independent political candidates. More power to you.


Taken out of context Seems very rude.

It was not meant to be rude in any way. I think that people can do more to help other people. I think it is good how Ukrainian refugees are helped. Often people do not see those who could be helped.

I really don’t know the right words to use, showing “pity?” for someone. Where does it start and where does it stop ? I ve been shown pity to me several times in moneygestures. I don’t know if my disability pension as well is a form of pity. It is not easy to accept being a sorrycase. A lot of people don’t accept gestures of pity. I don’t know, maybe it has to do with dignity/pride. Myself, i feel sorry for many people as well. And they are the ones using pity to make a living. I don’t know. We are all living in the same boat. You gave hope, which is a good deed.

good deeds bring good fortune.

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That’s not true @egofree

You’re the logical thinker here.

Things were not as well as things are now. I talked with my mother on the phone and she told how she had to go from one house to another to have something to eat after the 2nd WW. I just can imagine what civilians are going through in Ukraine now. Some people have lost everything

Giving hope is just a good deed. They are no rewards. Maybe you can make yourself a friend and supporter.

we are creators. you created good. the universe will return it to you. it is the law. aerosmith, dream on: ‘what you do … comes back to you. dream on. dream until your dream comes true’


I helped two people today later on today I got to help my kid out to if I can find time to help myself I’ll fix myself dinner

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