I love Israel

I opened a topic previously about Israel brainwashing me.
Well I can handle that feeling.
Overall I feel that in Israel essentially nobody is above the law, a prime minister is in jail,
a former defense minister got indicted for bribery, mayors are indicted left and right,
even on minor violations.
The standard of living in Israel is not particularly high but manageable.
Certainly for me.
Apart from that Israel is an excellent country to live in.
A very orderly, civilized technologically advanced country.
It is difficult for me to name a country better than Israel, and very easy to name worse countries,
way worse.
Only greedy people, for whom just standard of living is a top priority,
only for such people it is easy to spot better countries than Israel(indeed much better).

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You are the first person whom I have met here on the forum who is living in Israel. In my old life in America I was invited to some anniversary and other events of Israel. Well that was in the 1990s. We have same color flags. There are some Israelian businessmen who like to construct some vacation places for Israelians in my country (in my region).

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Israel knows how you feel scmereling. Israel knows.

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My buddy sup …??? MG1…!!!

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Who knows, maybe israeli researchers will discover the cure for cancer. Or schizophrenia. Then everyone (with schizophrenia) will love Israel too.

Far cry wassup. Saw Kathmandu in the movies yesterday. Doctor Strange.
You find us a cure yet? I hear it’s in yoga and medication.

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Israel has a cure for sz or at least they are the closest to having one. They seem to be making fast progress over there

@MeghillaGorilla1 you are creating delusions with your message:
"Israel knows how you feel scmereling. Israel knows."
How do you know?
These may be just delusions.Checkmate.

MG1 i am not able to work…!!! i wish rich people would give aways their income like sir ted Stanley 650 mill…!!! otherwise it will impossible in our life time …!!!

Wooops sory. I was trying to deflect any paranoia you may have had about the tracking devices that Israeli government had put in your clothes. It was intended to be helpful.

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@MeghillaGorilla1 how do you get that Israel is closest to a cure?
This deep TMS thing?

I’m not sure how to cite articles on here but I just read one recently that said they had a major breakthrough over there. If you google schizophrenia breakthrough and Israel you will find it.

Not sure. I suppose Palestinians could give us lessons about family support which is part of the therapy.