Synthetic cannabis called ‘Blue Lotus” sends users into psychosis

A NEW batch of synthetic cannabis has authorities on alert after 20 people were rushed to Melbourne hospitals in a psychotic state.

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation issued a warning to health professionals after two major hospitals reported a spike in patients presenting with symptoms of “ice psychosis” in recent weeks.

But it was later discovered all had taken “Blue Lotus” — a synthetic cannabis often marketed as a “herbal” drug.

ADF national program manager Julie Rae said she could not recall “that extent” of overdoses to synthetic cannabis, and suspected it had “just come on the market”.

“Nobody knows what’s in these substances and they can be quite toxic,” she said.

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any synthetic marijuana is bad news…everybody stay the hell away from it !

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I’ve smoked it before when I was on probation. It brought my delusions back and made paranoia worse which really scared me at the time. Fortunately I didn’t have too bad a reaction. When I bought it I smoked one bowl, got paranoid , said what the hell am I doing and flushed it down the toilet. Never did this blue lotus stuff though.

Why does it seem like everyone on this forum is into recreational drugs? Seriously there are other ways to have fun besidrs getting high😤

what about all the other blends of hash? swazi gold etc very potent,

i for one will not be touching it anyway and the stuff i did touch was weak ■■■■ and it still fkd me up

Don’t do designer drugs…the ingredients often are unlabeled due to not for human consumption…or if your buying from a dealer it may be cut to enhance or add weight…the guys that make Viagra distribute a lot of these designer drugs…that have no real testing done before its release…be careful…

so what your trying to say is ‘never trust a dealer’

let them ‘get high on their own supply’ pretty ironic it should be

Increasing weight increases profits…but god knows what ■■■■ they might use to increase potency…so yea don’t trust a dealer little or large…

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Some would support a self-medication hypothesis. Others would hold that similar causes are responsible for disposition to drug abuse and vulnerability to schizophrenia. Which is unfortunate because the two don’t exactly positively influence each other. What everyone agrees upon is that there is a higher rate of substance abuse in the schizophrenic population than in the general population. Hence, also on a forum for schizophrenics. Maybe this is of interest;

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yeah, i heard that they spit and use snot to make it supple sometimes other bodily fluids are used especially with heroin

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Ah that’s nasty I didn’t know that…I ment like add laxatives to it to making it extra annoying to come off of…