Synthetic marijuana

My illness started from smoking synthetic marijuana. It also gave me brain damage. If your smart stay far away from it.


I’m sure glad I didn’t mess with bath salts.

I tried that stuff for the hell of it when I was psychotic…and I became more psychotic. I remember rolling a blunt of “WTF” brand incense with an old friend one night, and after three hits, i started hearing the voices louder than I could hear him. I was super fcked up, i just sat my head on the table and muttered “wtf”

I smoked spice once. I took 3 really deep hits and totally lost my ■■■■. A few mins after my last hit I went to bed because I didn’t like the feeling and hallucinated moving murals on the walls and saw them when I closed my eyes. My short term/working memory was emptying every 2 to 5 seconds, though a lot smoother than thought blocking. I thought I was pressing my thumbs into my eyes even though I could see I obviously wasn’t. I was paranoid that my wife was gonna come home and either find me stoned and be mad or find me dead and be sad.

One really weird effect I got from it was a strange choppyness or pulsation feeling. Also, movements were VERY dissociated. I tried stepping around a box fan and it was like my body did the maneuvering automatically and all I did was watch. The worst part was the extreme feeling of terror that made my heart race.

My SZ developed a year or two after, so the spice probably hastened it’s development.

I recommend EVERYONE stay away from that stuff. It’s bad news.

I knew this lady went to rehab for that synthetic pot. Sorry for not researching but does/is synthetic pot, does it mimic THC? Only mother nature could do that. So stick with the blessed stuff the real deal cannabis. I do and if it too makes your mind haywire you shouldn’t be smoking. You should be getting more stable.

oh! No, I did different stuff. I took diet pills phentermine. Within 2 weeks I hear voices and Dr. put me on meds for 6 years to stop voices.

6 years for the voices to stop? So your brain it like healed itself?

No. My brain never healed itself. There is no healing stuff like this. At least not yet. My voices stopped because the medication that I’m on works. Unfortunately it has very bad side effects as well.