CBD concentrates

Has anyone else heard of this? I’ve started trying it and it helps me better than the Herb and I hear CBD isolate mixed with concentrates works well for pain… I ordered some and will find out after I get it! David has really bad nerve pain and since he works I got one that said it helps with energy for him and one that says it helps you be calm for me! They are pretty cheap on this one website!

Mixed with concrete? Um, that doesn’t sound safe or appetizing.

@ZombieMombie I smoke it in a vaporizer that is made for concretes

I have no idea what that means. I’ll go look it up.

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Do you mean concentrates?

@ZombieMombie yeah oops

Oh, ok. I searched and was finding weird stuff and it hit me.

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@ZombieMombie I fixed my mistake I’m really embarrassed

I smoke the CBD flower. I’ve never tried the concentrates. Do you get high off CBD?

Don’t be, we all make them. You should hear me mispronounce words I have only read, never heard spoken.

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@Enlightenedbeing no you don’t

That’s what most people say. I actually do get high. I’m just curious if anybody else does. At any rate, I hope it helps. I might have to try CBD concentrate. Keep us updated!

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@Enlightenedbeing I sure will! Btw a little can go a long way

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@ZombieMombie that makes me feel a little better thanks

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No problem. 1515

Thc concentrates work better Cbd only has always been snake oil to me

@houseofstark THC make many people with schizophrenia go into psychosis.

Some ppl but not me

I use CBD isolate when I’m trying to go to sleep.

But it only works if I use it with THC.

Marijuana is like any prescription drug in that it affects everyone differently.