Symptoms of your Schizophrenia and does medication help you in what area of your symptoms

Hi there folks. I am asking what are your symptoms of your illness and what meds and dose helps you. Also share your story everyone’s story is unique. For me I have been sick all my life. I am 37 now. Grew up playing soccer in Canada played in Junior national levels. Then when I turned 18 after high school went to a pro team in Poland for trials but was so paranoid that I could not finish my trial. Coming back to Canada i eventually ended up in hospital and was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic. I started Olanzapine i forget the dose it was some years ago but it turned me from a 150 pound pro soccer player to over 220 pounds which I could barely walk. For me my body is very sensitive to meds. It was quite depressing to say the least. I never felt well on the meds but they did calm me in a sedated way. Then after 5 years overweight my familly changed my meds to abilify 15mg a day and whithin one month I lost about 70 pounds from the change. I was about 26 at the time so I started running again training became strong took me about 1.5 years to start playing soccer again at a high level. I returned to europe and had a career in a slovakian Team where i was offered an apartment and a good wage to do what I love. Then I also played in Poland. During this time i was not taking medication and was very physycally active. But by the age of 31 my illness came back with a vengence and I could not do what I love to do. Then i met my wife also during this time. But i became so ill that I ended up in hospital. I was pumped full of meds again this time resperidal which was awefull for me it made me chubby again sluggish sedated. Also during this time I started to hear voices for the first time. Thinking they were God speaking to me I started listening to everying it said ( What a msitake ) many things happened during this time but my life was preserved. I know these voices are my illness and not God speaking to me. I do beleive in Jesus but try to ignore the voices as much as I can. I was hospitalized during this time about 4 times because everytime I stopped my meds i ended up getting sick. I settled on haloperidol for 5 years which didn’t make me gain weight I was on 2 mg for years. But then ocd intrsuive thoughts began saying bad things about God other people and me some of the worst things you can imagine. So my doc put me on 5mg on haloperidol and things have gotten better. I also have a voices that uses my vocal cords to speak when I am not excpecting it. That does not react that well with meds. But I am thankfull I have so many loved ones in my life that I won’t let this horrible illness tare me down. Please write me your schizophrenia story I would love to hear. Much love from Jay


I got diagnosed a few years back, had paranoia, hallucinations, persecution delusions, thought disorder, was on 9mg invega then after a few years lowered dose, now I take 3mg and just have negative symptoms

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I was diagnosed 2 years ago but I now remember having small episodes prior to full blown psychosis 2 years before that.

I had thought broadcasting, visual and auditory hallucinations and extreme paranoia.

I’m on a maintenance dose of invega currently. With mostly negative symptoms at the present time.


Glad you guys have got rid of those nasty positive symptoms with medication but those negative symptoms are also annoying you have to force yourself to do the easiest stuff

My symptoms are loss of judgement and critical thinking. Hearing hallucinations and imagining surreal things too.

The meds completely control it all, the only drawback is that i am tired physically.

Oh and. I do have bad motivation mindset, i cant keep routines, i have to do stuff spontaneously and through self sheer force. Except when im in a good mood. Everything seems normal when im in happier spirits, even doing the dishes!

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