Do you feel 100 percent better with medication for schizophrenia?

Hi, I’m best on Clozapine but I’m still hallucinating 24/7. Actually, it barely touches the sides because I still feel delusional. I’m not at a therapeutic level but the side effects are so sedative I’m too scared to take more. Do you have any residual effects on your medication?

It took an act of christ to find something that worked for me and I had to do it WITHOUT any mental doctors’ help but yes they make me better.

I feel 100% better with sz meds.

No. I still occasionally have delusional thoughts and auditory hallucinations. I’m on 2mg of rexulti.

Wow! What medication are you on?

I don’t get frustrated so easily anymore. It gets rid of my delusions my oldest and my new ones too. I’m a much better person on it What would I do without it

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I am on the highest dose of chlorpromazine allowed in the UK. I am better in the fact I can listen to challenges and doubt to my symptoms MOST of the time. I still have voices, I still have major delusions which rule my life, I still get new delusions, I live in near constant agitation, I still get suicidal and self harm. However I do not act on the suicidal thoughts, I can work with the agitation and same with delusions through cbt. I can function to an extent, but struggle to get out of bed in the morning but I almost always do. I have my own little life when I suffer I cannot function, when I mess with my meds I end up in a state and usually hurt myself.

So I do feel better, but right now physically I am very unwell because of my medication and I find it hard to feel better because of them and I’m waiting to reduce and change medication which I hope I will feel even better than I do now. I have faith in medication, Ive nearly completed a degree on them and I can leave the house most days which is a bonus in my opinion :slight_smile:

I can only hope a better medication becomes available for us…

My meds work pretty well for me so I would say my hallucinations are like 2% of what they were. Some days I barely notice them. Totally worth being asexual now.

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