What are you guys’s experiences with antipsychotics

I start mine officially on Wednesday and I’m a little nervous I’ve taken them about two months ago and It made me kinda feel like I was loosing my sense of self but maybe it was for the better since my old self was a little psychotics I don’t really know also how long does the injection take to work before I believe it also fueled my delusions it made them stronger seems like I’m a little scared I was very delusional while in An injection or maybe I was laced with drugs I could have Been.but sorry to the subject what are you guys’ experience with antipsychotics do you like them

I believe you already have two posts about this.


Mine saved my life. I never even thought the meds could help because the voices felt so real but then one day a med increase stopped them. This changed my life because I couldn’t function well with hearing voices

I know I apologize for taking up space just really Really nervous trying to open get different perspectives .then maybe it’s just the mania

When i was a teen i delayed going to the doc bc i was mortally afraid of being diagnosed a schizophrenic. Years later, i realized theres no drama involved. You just pop the pill and the symptoms go away. There was nothing to worry about.

Sure, in higher doses i grew sleepy. But after chsnging meds a few times i found the right one for me.

I find you generally need to try a few different ap’s before you settle on something that works for you. If the side effects of your medication aren’t too bad, try to stick with it until your symptoms reside a little, then try a some different ap’s to find one that suits you. This may be the long way of doing it, but you should be playing the long game on this one.

They prescribe them, I take them.

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With meds things are very very normal

Invega Sustenna takes away most of my energy.