Switching to Invega from Risperdal

I am currently on 6mg Risperdal but find it too sedating. I am thinking of switching to Invega(Paliperidone) because I read in Wikipedia that it is almost as effective as Risperdal but causes very little drowsiness as compared to Risperdal. But the problem is it causes tachycardia(high heart rate) which is my concern. Any suggestions guys?

I was on both. Didn’t work for me

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Something caused massive weight gain on me when I was going through a merry-go-round of meds. I am still on Vraylar and it seems to work OK, but my insurance company is complaining about the price.

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I am on invega sustenna right now, and I have having problems sleeping. Thats about the only side effects and injection site problems lumps where they inject it into my arm. Its not sedating. I have lots of energy but choose not to do anything.

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I heard they’re both the same drug, Risperdal is transformed into paliperidone in your body. And ppl here complain about hyposexuality on both. I am on Risperdal 4mg and my sex drive is very weak, once every couple of weeks I am 30 y.o., but I am happy that way as I can’t control my sex drive and engage in risky sex. Now I don’t engage in any sex. I am married to myself.


Yes, even I have problems sleeping when I take it in the night so I am taking it first thing in the morning but I have noticed tachycardia(high heart rate) with it. It is definitely not sedating that’s a plus point.

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yes Invega and Risperdal both seem to cause sexual dysfunction.

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Yes like @Aziz said, I’ve read that they are basically the same drug so I don’t know how much difference you’ll see. Btw, I hated invega.


They are similar but in my experience the Invega is lighter.
I had horrible side effects on both.


my son was a zombie on Risperdal. It was a horrible experience.

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