Risperdal Consta

Is this the injection? Is it true that it has less side effects than the original?

Yes, it’s the injection. What do you mean by “original” ? Oral tablets ? I was on both before I switched to Abilify. I think I was better off with tablets than injection, but everybody reacts differently to meds. Injection is usually for people who have problems with compliance (aka they forget or don’t want to take their meds regularly).

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Yeah I’m talking about the tablets. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Basically the same thing as invega. Invega is just a metabolite of Risperdal which means its basically just what risperidone turns into after it goes through your liver. Basically the same thing.

I don’t like Risperidone, it slowed down my brain and made negative symptoms worse. Or maybe I was just worse because I had just gotten out of the psych ward?

Anyhow risperdal completely eliminated my libido and gave me extrapyramidal symptoms. I had akathisia on it. Its supposed to be like the second generation equivalent of haloperidol.

Some people swear by this medication, for me it was transitional more than anything.


Risperdal killed my sex drive…gave me a permanent hard-OFF!

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Actually its not same thing.i used both risperidone and invega(paliperidone).invega absolutely better than risperdal.i can have sex without problem.i don t have any erectile dysfunction on invega and i don t have any libido problem.only problem i can not get pleasure enough from everything.but its not from invega its because dopamine.paliperidone has not much effect on sex life but risperdal has.paliperidone also weight neutral drug but risperidone not.

Not exactly, they’re like distant cousins :slight_smile:

I still have my sex drive on resperidone consta, but it makes me fat and my belly pokes out… so embarrassing

They basically just repackaged risperdal because the patent ended so they could make more money off it. Seriously fooled a lot of people, Risperdal is the cheapest atypical for a reason.

Anyhow believe whatever you wanna.

(Actually, fooled just a few people)

Risperdal mostly give sedation but invega does not.and there are several side effects that they on risperdal but not at paliperidone.i know they are made from risperdal but there is huge less side effect between them

For me it’s a bit of a curate’s egg symptoms wise ie reduces paranoia, weird thoughts and emotional reactivity whilst possibly exacerbating lack of drive and motivation.

In terms of side effects there’s weight gain, periodic clicking mouth and mild/sub clinical akathisia. One thing I don’t get with the injections that I got with the oral form of risperidone is dizziness/wooziness(lowered blood pressure?).

If you’re open to trying new meds theres a chance your anhedonia can get better. My negative symptoms got better when I switched from risperdal to geodon. Then even better when I switched from zyprexa to seroquel and rexulti.

You’re right, time release injection is different from tablets side effects might be a little different. But it is basically the same drug, compare chemical structure

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Yes they can be same but its not same side effects.thats weird

I don’t know where you got that information, @eduvigis but if you see here:

and here:

It’s not the same.

Please fact-check any information you have, and don’t spread disinformation on this forum.

I’m not interested in arguing about this. You can believe whatever helps you sleep at night. :sleeping:

I’m just providing info, if you don’t like what I said ignore it.

Hopefully I don’t get banned for not saying what a moderator wanted to hear.

Its find if you post things about your own experience - just be sure to identify them as such “in my experience…” vs. stating something as fact without supporting evidence - that is all. We want people to understand what type of information they are getting - personal experience/opinion or research based on studies.

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I’m not talking about my experiences, just stating the obvious. If you want to delude yourself delusions ar common in schizophrenia so I’m not surprised. Apparently stating the obvious and saying two drugs which are extremely similar are similar is dangerous information as long as it upsets the moderators. I guess I out to lie rather than stating the obvious because that’s what a moderator wants to hear…

How are you today Alejandro and anon do you have your feelings and sex life back?