Risperdal vs invega

Are they the same thing?

I think they’re very similar but not exactly the same. Think Invega is the new version of Risperidal.

when risperdal is metabolized it’s turned into invega, so invega is a prodrug of risperdal

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Didnt like risperdal, sedating and Felt weird.

My psychiatrist said they are like cousins, I’ve tried both and in my experience Invega is much less sedating and lighter.

Risperidone is more effective for positive symptoms than paliperidone according to studies [1]



I’m currently on both of them.

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In my experience Invega is more stimulating than Risperdal.

For me Risperdal worked better.

I had some sort of reaction with Invega.

They are both effective drugs


Where do I find this info online?

For me invega works better than risperidone I was very unstable on risperidone but now I’m stable on invega but invega is stimulating and hard to sleep normally