Switching from invega sustenna to pills

My injection is due tomorrow. I have two options
1- do the invega sustenna injection
2- switch to invega pills
I am worried about the bioavailability of the pills which is 25-30% while the injection has a bioavailability of 100% thats why I am hesitant wether to do the injection tomorrow or not.

When I was on Invega the shot helped more than when I was on pills

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so please help me should i do the injection or not?

No one can tell you if you should take one medicine over another. Please stop asking for medical advice.

I don’t know. I can only say what helped me

Its the same medicine just if pills work as good as injection due to bioavailability

I found the pills not as good just my 2 cents bro

Actually i want to get it out of my system thats why i am going to take pills tomorrow and not do the injection

You need accountability, so you need the injections. I wouldn’t switch to pills but you’ve already made up your mind.

Yes i watched a video from youtube by a physician in america who works at a hospital and she says if you have schizoaffective disorder continue ap and here is the video Using the Antipsychotic (AP) Deprescribing Algorithm - YouTube

So i decided to keep taking the injection

If you are on injection, you may not have the option to switch to pills.

The injection works better due to bioavailability

Yes, it works faster and better in your system, as opposed to the pill that has to be processed by your digestive tract. It’s better this way if you have the opportunity.

To be hournest I would by far prefere the injection over the pills. You see I’ve been on the injection for over 26 years and the Geodon pills for 19 years and the Seroquel pills for 10 years. There were times were I didn’t take all my pills were the depo served as a backup and prevented me from getting admitted to the hospital. I’ve only got admitted for two days the last 10 years. I’m in a dilemma now because suspect that when the next blood test returns they might want to force me to take the jab once a month instead of 3 weekly. I don’t want anybody to change the dose of my meds because I’m almost positive symptom free and I was lowered in Seroquel lately. But that’s not the only reason. I like two side effects from the pills. A I can’t get drunk. B I’ve got no libido and that makes
It impossible to think dirty about women.

I have beem told by several doctors that usually injectionsnare more effective because they remain in the system after the first two at a stable dosis while taking pill form is usually not recommended for people who are non-med compliant.

Speaking from personal experience, after several years of inejectable forms, I have been taking pill form for the last 5 years now. I tried living off meds while on either. Coming off the injectable form was by far more hellish, but since then I’ve realized I do not function properly without medication, I become more impusilve.

I prefer pill form now but if you do switch to them be sure to make it a daily routine, even missing a single dose can lead to being more symptomatic. Once in awhile when there has been an event or visitors have stayed over I’ve forgotten to take my pill at night. It has only happened twice so far in the past 8 months. Both times affected my sleep pattern.

In your case I think being under treatment is better than no treatment at all. The pills are not as bad as I used to think. The injections are more effective in my opinion though. I think they might be slightly more damaging to long term health though.

I read online that low bioavailability could affect the way a medication performs. it needs to be absorbed by the intestinal tract and due to bioavailability it doesnt get all in your blood

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Yeah my primary care doctor used to tell me nearly every visit that the injectable form was more effective.

I just want to tell you that I do agree with you that the pills should be taken every day as directed by your doctor. If I take my pille 6 hours to late one day than hell breaks lose the next day.

İ m going to change my drug regime to pills also.first its much cheaper second i don t want to injection no more.i m sick and tired of effing needles