Invega sustenna injection or pill comparison

Does someone know if side effects are different between the injection and pill form of invega?
I’m experiencing extreme drowsiness with my second monthly injection and was wondering if I should go for the paliperidone pill instead so it can be adjusted more easily.
I just took 234mg injection so I have to wait month now but I just don’t want this drowsiness next time.

I dont know about the pill. Maybe lowering your dose of the injection might help I’m on 78mg

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i dont know but i imagine the people who design the meds would try to make it as similar as possible to the oral meds but sustained, i mean surely thats a goal. Maybe if the dates arent lined up perfectly there is a little extra or less of the med in your body in between dosages, thats all i can think. maybe itll only last a day…i would say call the doc and ask :slight_smile:


I disliked injections. If you can remember to take your meds or won’t refuse to take them, you should try oral.

I was on an injection and had a bad time on it, and it was upsetting in house they had to inject me several times from side effects.


I’m on that dose. It made me drowsy at first for a couple days, couldn’t do anything during the day. The 156 dose wasn’t like that, but last month when I got 234 that happened. It passes. Not sure if it will happen every time for you. It all depends on how your body reacts to it

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I drank three cups of yogi ginger tea which helped quite a bit. Coffee didn’t do really anything.
I think I’ll ask for 156mg dose for next time

That’s good. I’ll have to get that. I don’t think you can just ask for specific dose, pdocs give you their dose, unless you have an extreme reason to get a different dose. I haven’t ever had control over my meds. When I was a teen, my pdoc gave my mom some kind of control over dosing, but it was even hard for her to gauge it

3 cups of coffee and 2 ginger teas seems to work on the 3rd day from injection

Good news! I got mine today, and it woke me up! I’m so much clearer. Not tired one bit, and I don’t have manic like energy, just leveled out! It does get better!


How many days did it take for you the tiredness to go away?
I was good for couple hours till noon but now I feel like laying on bed again but not really tired

It’s hard to say because I was prescribed remeron for the first time when I got the higher dose. With that combo, it took like 3 days. I went through all these weird side effects to get used to them

Are you using remeron for sleep or just antidepressant? I considered that for sleep, but one side effect is low energy.

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I use it for both. The first couple of days I had low energy, then I got used to it

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I also had increased voices, but the higher dose and the combo I’ve been on the past month has been great. No more visual hallucinations

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I’m also losing voices but it took a month with invega for first voices to go away. Another 1-2 months will probably clear them out. It can take total 3 months

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How many cups of ginger tea have you drank already? I took 3rd one for evening. Hopefully by tomorrow my energy is better.

I don’t drive, no way of getting to the store and I’m coping with no motivation by being on here

Me head hurts and I don’t feel sedated. I’ve been like this the past few days until I daze out completely and can’t hear the TV or conversations

Are you schizoaffective or schizophrenic? I’m schizoaffective

Last time I was told schizophrenic.