Switched from Geodon to Risperdal

Well, the good news is that I’m not really having any violent intrusive thoughts anymore. The bad news is that now I’m having sexually intrusive thoughts. Does anybody have any advice on what to do about it?

One thing that helps me with symptoms is to play the distraction game. My old therapist taught me it. You pick a category like animals or singers/ bands and go through the alphabet. Like A is for alpaca, B is for beatle, C is for cat. If I can’t think straight enough to do the alphabet I just name things like cheeses or cereal. I hope that helps. It helps me when I see the demons. It actually made me realize the demon wasn’t real. He was yelling at me when I was in group and we played the game and he went away. He wouldn’t have gone away if he was real. Intrusive thoughts are frustrating. I’ve been getting them a lot recently. I’m always afraid I’m going to act on them. I would actually prefer sexual ones so I wouldn’t be obligated to act on them but they must still be distressing. Good luck to you.


Thanks for your response, SunGirl. Your advice sounds good. Sometimes I’m afraid that I’m going to say something aloud regarding my sexually intrusive thoughts, and embarrass myself, sort of like a Freudian slip. I’m glad you were able to realize that the demon wasn’t real. That must have been a relief. Thanks for empathizing with me. I appreciate it.

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Hmmm… I’m replying to this because I knew someone on Risperdal and when she stopped taking it she had sexually intrusive thoughts…but everyones different i suppose.

If I get them…I mean the unhealthy kind, I usually find something else to occupy my mind… Even writing on the forums is a good distraction, or praying, or finding something to do like clean the house or yard. same works for violent intrusive though those for me are very rare.
I’ll admit i had some last year after my wife committed suicide, mainly towards those who were responsible for making her depressed and detached. But I wouldnt act on them. Was hard to deal with.

I’m so sorry to hear that your wife committed suicide. I can only imagine how hard that was to deal with.

Thanks for the advice.

it is still hard to deal with…will be coming up on 1 year next month. I live in our house alone and everywhere i turn there are her things, or something she made, or wrote, and sometimes i have to just stop and take a walk outside.

I suppose in a way i deal with that the same way I deal with intrusive thoughts…just try to occupy my mind or busy myself. having no one around doesnt help…it’s why i spend so much time on the internet! :slight_smile:

Um…sexually intrusive thoughts? I think about sex a lot. I like sex. I either go out there and have sex or I just fap. I don’t see it as a problem, im a 20 year old powerlifter, my hormones are on full steam.

I used to have all sorts of intrusive thoughts, I enjoyed the sexual ones.

try having sex and seeing if they go away. I don’t really know what else to say. Even when I have sex regularly I still think about it and look forward to it.

Who made her depressed and detached?

And why?