Getting rid of intrusive thoughts

Has anyone found success in getting rid of intrusive thoughts. If so what method did they use? And what type of medication are they on? Really desperate in getting rid of these thoughts, will try anything.

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Do not respond to any demands from voices to do anything. Ignore any of the worries without doing a compulsion to deal with the anxiety. It passes.

My intrusive thoughts don’t demand anything just thinking and seeing things I don’t want to. Does anyone else suffer from this OCD, if so what meds. are you on? Stillperkin you are right about letting it pass. When it is gone or when it is not so severe it is like night and day.

I don’t know why but when I started on the antidepressant celexa the intrusive images and thoughts stopped for the most part

Risperdal, Geodon and Seroquel were all able to reduce unwanted, “invasive” thoughts for me at various times, though the sfx on Risperdal were ghastly for me.

The better fix for me, though, has been using CBTs of various kinds to quickly notice, question and let go of the thoughts by seeing how screwy they were over there even though they still seemed so compelling over here. Then using the MBCTs to see the thoughts as they actually were: just passing mental events that had a lot of energy to them, but only for so long.

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No intrusive thoughts on abilify. Plenty when I was on seroquel. It’s ‘just’ a matter of playing Russian roulette and trying to find the meds that work best for you.