Sweet dreams

The other night i dreamt some girl gave me a bill or receipt, on it it said $4.44, i said “oh, not that number again!” And she replied “oh you know about that number?.”

I then woke up and went down stairs to make coffee, while making it i looked at the clock and it was 4:44.

Last night i dreamt again. I was at my grandmother’s house and while sleeping i woke up to an entity in the room with me, it began to torment me. It ripped my blankets off and began to thrash me about the room, i floated and it tossed me around like a rag doll.

Come morning i went into where my family was seeking help, they all ignored and even scoffed at me, they said “you need help? ■■■■ you, we don’t give a ■■■■.” I even began to wrestle with my brother in self defense because he became aggresive with me in the dream, he gave so little of a ■■■■ that he began to fight with me about it.

I really hate this place, wish i had never been here, it’s a construct of nightmarish proportions and the toruture doesn’t cease, it’s a framework of evil things and people must escape it.

know that i care , nightmare dreams suck.
take care

A kind sith?

I think not.

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