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Hello Errrone ,

So Once Again I Took A Nappie ,

and Thus Dream I Had Within , Was About My Voices ,

You See ,

During My Dream ,

My Voices Were Born In CHARLIE THE UNICORNS " Candy Mountain " ,

and They Couldn’t Stop Talking ,

Turns Out ,

Jus Lyke That Famouse Horsie CHARLIE ,

They Wanted My Kidney ,

But I SAID " NO!!! " ,

They Got Mad and I Started To Chuckle ,

As I Left Them Alone On Their Candy Mountain ,

THEN (!!!) ,

I Woke Up ,

Feeling Fresh As A Daisy and Pretty Clean ,

N E Hoo ,

Please ,

If You Would Lyke Too ,

Share Your Dreams Here ,

and We Can All Get Away From Those Caraizee Voices ,

: )

Dreams lately:

-My dad trying to convince me Harry Potter was real life
-My dog taking a picture with a phone
-A ghost in my living room who looked like Iron Maiden’s mascot
-Trying to hook up with a girl and getting rejected because I took things too fast, then she turned into a cardboard box (?)

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Do you mean actual dreams during sleep?

My daughter and me moving the mouse over our house and actually moving it from it’s location, it turning into a roller coaster ride where apes in the yard turn into people and our whole block is a scam I walk up to with a vending machine stealing my ones, and finding they are in the paper tray underneath, and important great office men are there for show and I feel so intimidated when they tell me let’s dance, and the whole house turns loose.

Hmm ,

Well To Be Honest ,

Thus Dream Thread Can BE ALL and EVERYTHING (!!!) ,

Silly Scary Fun Sleeping Dreams OR Hopeful Dreams oF Your Future (!!!) ,

Either OR Yo Yo (!!!)

I dream of topless women a lot. Not joking or trolling either.

One interpretation of it

To see breasts in your dream symbolize primal nourishment and your need to be nursed and care for. The breasts represent motherhood, nurturance, and infantile dependency. Alternatively, breasts indicate sexual arousal and raw energy.

Seeing naked breasts can also denote a feeling of exposure and invasion of privacy. In particular, for a woman, the dream may indicate anxieties about becoming a woman/mother.

Dreaming that one of your breasts is missing implies that you are feeling undesirable. If your breasts are lopsided or one is bigger than the other, then it indicates of a lack of satisfaction or imbalance in your sex life. You feel that you are giving more than you are receiving.


Hmm "dreamscape ,

Your Lynk Sheems Lyke A DISK - HUSH - TING ,


Yes / No (???)

Hi again, I have one dream and that is to get married.

I hope I have found The One.

Ello “daze” ,

I Hope He/She Is Tha Rite One Fur You (!!!) ,


Im Getting So … So … Sleepy … ,

Have Fun Yo Yo’s (!!!) ,

I Need Another NAP (!!!) ,

Shee Ya Soon (!!!)

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Ugh ,

Im Such A Groggy Froggie ,

I Had Another Dream Tho ,

I Didn’t Evn Sleep Thaz Long ,

So Weird ,

Ok So It Goes Lyke Thus ,

^^^ So Tha Young Girl Sat Alone , She Didn’t Understand Why There Was Blood All Around , So She Sat , Alone Wishing There Was Another Way , Tha Nite Was Still , Tha Stars Twinkled and Spoke Silently To Her , She Didn’t Understand , Nor Did She Care , Near Thee Ocean She Sat On A Log , Tha Log Torn Down By Lightning From Tha Chaos Storm Tha Night Before , She Sat and Itched , A Tear Gleamed From her Beautiful Skin , Soft and Untouched , She Couldn’t Stop Thinking About Tha Night Before , The Night Grew Dark , Tha Clouds Began To Form , Beneath Such Skye She Wanted To Cry , That’s What Felt Right , But She Pushed , She Didn’t Give A ■■■■ , A Tear Sitting On Her Weary Eyelid Formed , She Looked At Thee Ocean As Tha Waves Poured Upon Each Other , Foaming and Crackling As She Held Tight , She Pushed Harder , Tha Stars Danced and Swirled Within Tha Reflection Of Thee Ocean , Tha Tear Dropped In Between Her Thighs , Tha Log Crackled , She Pushed and The Night Grew Still , Her Feet Stretched As She Pushed Further Into Her Beauty , She Heard A Voice Screaming In Tha Distance , Far Away In Tha Black Night , It Formed With Tha Foaming Of Thee Ocean , Tha Stars Dancing Started To Tremble , She Gazed Into Tha Distance , Her Pupils Dialated As Tha Voice Shrieked , Closer It Became , She Felt Nothing Here She Thought , She Couldn’t Feel A Thing , Tha Screaming Was Sucking Into Her Marrow , She Pushed Deeper and There Was A Mist Pouring From Tha Grey Skye , Tha Shrieking Stopped Suddenly and They Both Heard A Humming , A Light Formed From Across Thee Ocean and She Dropped Tha Blood , Tha Boy Screaming Ran At Her , She Smiled But Didn’t Understand Tha Light From Tha Horizon , Tha Boy Fell and His Body Created A Cloud Of Dust As Tha Light From Tha Horizon Shined In her Eyes , She Tried To Stand But She Trembled and Fell , Tha Light Flickered and Both , The Boy and The Girl Stared Directly Upon Tha Beam , and They Heard A Beautiful Song . ^^^ …

Weird Ugh (!!!)

Hello Again Happy Campers ,

Gonna Go Get Some Serious Shut e(Y)e Now ,

Jus Been Sleepy All Day ,

Whew (!) ,

Been Doing A Shazz Ton Of Work On My Album ,

Tis Gonna Be Cool , Yo Yo’s Out There ,

N E Hoo ,

Don’t Be Afrayed ,

Ta Post Some Dreams (!!!) ,

So …

Peace Be Unto You All (!!!) ,

: )

The dreams I’ve had lately are,
*A voice telling me to donate blankets to the homeless three times even though I said three times I have no money. (Later mom brought home a bunch of blankets from my recently deceased grandma’s house, we haven’t donated them though)
*A dream about my sister losing her job and getting stuck at home with our parents like me and my brother because of her developing schizophrenia. (she actually is, we think, and now she is on medication because the dream was a wake up call)
*I grew a beard while staring into a mirror even though I’m female, while thinking about how much I hated myself and how ugly I am.

  • I had a dream where a voice was telling me that I was a Jezebel from the bible outwardly, but a biblical hero on the inside (I doubt that dream a lot, since the biblical hero was brave and I’m a coward, afraid of even driving a car)

Last night I had a dream. I dreamt that someday soon, all men would be judged on the quality of their characters, not on the color of their skin.

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sorry my I didn’t mean to imply that my sister lost her job, just that we think she is also developing this illness. So sad.

I keep having a dream that I have to take some kind of academic test that I am totally unprepared for. Last night I dreamed that I had to deliver a pizza (I used to be a pizza delivery driver.) a long way away and I had to walk there. I was about three hours late, but the customers weren’t holding it against me. Also, they were French, and the information on the label was in French, and I could only read part of it. I’ve also been having some very disturbing dreams. I keep having dreams that I am surrounded by tornado funnels, and I am trying to think of a safe place and to determine if any of them are headed my direction. A couple of nights ago I dreamed I had a possibly safe shelter from the tornados, but funnels were developing in my semi safe place. I could look up and see the air starting to spin and form a funnel. I used to have dreams with snakes in them whenever I was troubled, but I haven’t done that in a long time.

Thus Thread Is STILL Open ,


As One Allows Others To Witness Tha Coolness Of Their PERSONAL Dreams ,

On Either Syde Of Tha Fence ,

Perhaps Share OR Try To Write A Poem OR Poems About Your Dreams ,

and PERHAPS (Part 3) ,

Perhaps One / YOU , Could Keep A Dream Journal As Etched In Your Personal Scroll AS POEMS ,

I Would Love To See Such and Such ,

But No Forcing Here ,

So If You Feel Comfy Enough To Do So ,

Then Please Share In Thus Thread ,

If Naught , Well , Thaz Cool Too (!!!) ,

: )

There have been some bad dreams that I’ve woken up very upset from… I’ve been sleep walking again…

but a simple one that makes me just wonder…

Have you ever had that dream where you end up some where naked in public?

Ever have that in reverse? The public is naked… I’m the one with clothing on and everyone is looking at me like I’m the weirdo.

That’s funny surprisedJ. I’ve been naked in public in dreams before (being naked at school was particularly embarrassing) but I’ve never heard your version of it before.

i have weird sexual dreams that are against my taste. mainly because they are homosexual in nature. other than that i get dreams about my struggles in life. also i never used to dream this often as i do now before the schizophrenia i used to get those “black nothing” dreams now its a vivid dream everyday.

Since I Got Out Of Thaz Weird Coma I haven’t Been Able To Remember My Dreams ,

EXCEPT For Tha Last Two Ta Three Weeks ,

So I Suppose For Anyone Who Was In A Coma and Was Lucky Enough To Wake From It , You Mite Naught Be Able To Remember Your Dreams Anymore ,


I Have Been Remembering Lately ,

Which Is Really Awesome Because After I Lost My Dreams , e(Y)e , Even During Those T(Y)me$ Didn’t Realize How Freakin Sad Tha Situation Was ,

Something Is Always Blocking Me

: )

But I Have Two Ta Three-ish Memories Of Some Pretty Caraizee LUCID Dreams ,

Here I Could Literally Feel tha Pain being Brought Upon Me ,

It Woke Me Up ,

So Some Advice For N E One Interested In Such ,

DO NOT , Worri About Trying To Have Lucid Dreams ,


I May Share Tha Two LUCID Dreams I Can STILL Remember Sometime In Tha Fyutch ,

So Stay Tuned (!!!)