Last night I dreamed

So last night I dreamed I was in Florida and wound up walking back home to Missouri . Now I’m exhausted…lol.

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I’ve had some pretty weird ones. In one Thor was impressing this girl and Loki was in love with her and jealous because all the girl like Thor liked the girl too but he really wanted to be bff with his brother Loki and he didn’t understand what Loki’s problem was but he still wanted them to have the best brother relationship ever.

It was really weird because I have never watched the Avengers.

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I dreamed I was in a combination of two colleges I’ve been to. I had the manuscript of the poetry journal and was supposed to finish a long poem + turn it in. I finished the poem but forgot to turn the manuscript back in. The teacher in charge was mad she ever had a party set up for me.

I often dream of being back in school, though mine usually involves high school and some mistake being made in the counting of my credits and having to go back and finish a year of high school…as a 32 year old. Imagine that, I was already an awkward teen in school to throw me back in at 32 I’d be a freak, especially since I have an associates degree and a bachelor’s degree and in my dreams I always have them as well.

maybe take the car next time, dream your in an aston martin !?!
take care

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Once I dreamed I went back to elementary school. Once the library shelves were all out on the grass and I was looking through the books for a good book. I went back there once - didn’t go in. The roads were situated differently than I remember.

would prefer teleportation…

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My dreams are vivid and half of the time lucid. I enjoy sleep too much. Like when I wake up I resist it and try to go back to sleep. I have a good life with things going for me, I just prefer my vivid dreams! Geodon made my nightmares decrease. I havent had nearly as many nightmares on it, and when I do have nightmares, I have some symptoms that day. I used to have a lot of nightmares as a kid, I was actually in an article in newsweek

I’ll have nightmares a lot too, but a lot of the time after I wake up I wonder why I was so scared about it, or I’d completely forget it as soon as I’d wake up. I find it annoying when I can’t remember a dream. Especially if it was enough to wake me up out of whatever emotion I felt (usually fright).

sometimes I have dreams of sexual frustration. I wonder what Freud would make of the dream I had last night. It was about to go hardcore and then I doubted myself and found myself dreaming about something else. Happens every once in a while. But some of the times my dreams are exactly what I want them to be like and keep control while in them, and the ones featuring sex really make waking up hard, pun intended.

HAHAHA I love my own jokes

I wish I could control my dreams at night. The only dream control I can do is daydreaming…and no not hallucinating just regular day dreaming…that’s how I determine the difference. A hallucination is something I can not control. Like I can not control if I think I see something moving on my wall and it turns out to only be a spot and my imagination running wild. I can control if I’m seeing myself out on a date with a guy I find cute or something like that. Then when I’m done with day-dream it goes away. often times with hallucinations it wont go away and I get overly paranoid about whatever bothered me.

Well, depending on your view of buying alcohol for teens you might be incredibly popular.

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in my dreams I"m more awkward than popular…much like with real life.

Last night was another bad one… woke up on the floor in the hallway right in front of the door to my sister’s room. She said when she tried to get me back into bed, I kept mumbling about the kidnappers.

It’s never a good sign when I’m worried about kidnappers again.

I don’t remember last nights dream actually. I didn’t wake up in fear either so I can’t complain. I actually had a nice sleep for a change. It’s amazing what that can do for a person.