Suspicions unfounded

The voices and suspiciousness tell me my partner is just avoiding coming home to me when she staysclate at night or worse cheating. I know she’s not doing either of those things. I can’t tell my partner about it she’ll get upset and will be hurt

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The voices play off your fears, maybe your missing your partner when not around. Maybe try to set up a nice date and build your connection with her again.


I’m sorry your voices are telling you that. The only option really is to try and ignore them. Distracting yourself can help with this. Listen to music, play a game, read if you can. I know it’s hard though. To distract yourself.


I like it when a woman is excited about Phil

he doesn’t understand this

I like all of us knowing how special he is

he won’t cheat, but wish he would flirt around a little more.

Why would you like him to flirt?

so he realizes how good we got it.

idk, makes me feel more special

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I’ve always experienced paranoia like this when i was in a relationship. It’s hard to deal with.

She’s constantly with her mom on her days off till about 10pm. Then expects everything to be ok. I love her but I shouldn’t be second


Ask her if she can spend some of her days off with you. I’m sure she’d like to spend more time with you too.

I don’t know we’ve talked about it over and over again. But she always says her mom needs her

I don’t know what to do @cbbrown. I’m sorry you’re in this situation. Maybe if you tell her that you need her too?

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That’s it!! I’m going to start praying every day for you @cbbrown.


I am so sorry @cbbrown no one likes being second…terrible terrible.

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Kind of got a win she’s coming home early to spend some time together tonight


That’s awesome! I’m glad you will get to spend some time together. :blush:

Good news @cbbrown!

Maybe you can tell her you’d like to plan something fun to do on at least part of her day off. If she’s up for it then start googling things going on in your area,(groupon or trip advisor are good places to look too) most Sz are pretty creative - so use it for good and plan a little adventure. But make sure she’s up for taking a 3-4 hr time out for you first.

Hi @cbbrown.
Hope you can work things out with your partner.

my cigarettes taste like sh0it

hope you find peace, @cbbrown

much love.

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