Surgery for schizophrenia

Recently I found this page ( Best Psychotherapy for Schizophrenia Ecuador Available – Visit Us!), where the doctor makes a surgery called BEAM he said:

" This procedure consists in blocking 100% of the production of Adrenalina from its source, and 20% of Noradrenaline from the adrenal marrow. Now the sinthesis of Dopamine will have a new regulation; a new biochemical blueprint, and a new system of signals that causes for the shaking in Parkinson’s patients to disappear from the beggining, and the symptons from schizophrenic patients to be eliminated. "

I want to know your opinions if this surgery really works or is a trap


I don’t think it works, it only removes paranoia ! this treatment is related to one flawed theory which says that the cause of schizophrenia is the adrenaline rush in the blood, I think it will leave the patient treated with it confused, that won’t eliminate the hallucinations or the delusions, or even the wrong reality perception…What has Parkinson disease to do with Schizophrenia !!! I hate it when they think they can easily link some illnesses that has nothing to do with schizophrenia !!! I hope it doesn’t see the light for treating schizophrenia, I think it will cause a lot of torture and pain… :angry:

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I am totally against SURGERY of the brain. I mean seriously, brain surgeries are nothing to “try out”, LOL. I would try every pill out there before getting my head cut open and messed with, even if the intention is to “fix” it.

But if they come out with a revolutionary schizophrenia surgery cure, I would do it. Hey, if I wasn’t schizophrenic I could drink and smoke weed like all the other kids my age.

i have heard that the only cure is removing the head of the sz from the shoulders , it is very effective ! and permanent !
take care

LOL…that’s funny

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I wouldn’t go near this place that offers this surgery for “schizophrenia”. There is no research I can find on their web site that supports their claims - just some annecdotal “evidence” that they present where someone got better for a few months.

In my opinion - If the guy really had something that worked - he’d work with a university to get a clinical trial going with a larger group of people to see if it actually does work, and if it does - they’d publish a paper to describe it.


Thanks for the link, i have bookmark to do lot of reserch. This may be a scam or if its true we just don’t know what other problems can be born after surgery, we need Ecuadorians from this forum to find out how legit this is.

I think this video is talking about that doctor who ’ cures ’ schizophrenia… But i have no idea what they are talking about. I don’t speak spanish.

I would never let anyone operate on my brain. thats messed up. I’ll stick with pills.

Has brain surgery been made illegal in the US? I know even electroshock therapy is considered outdated and risky. For electroshock it’s at least a year long application process, and they don’t even use surgery but it’s still invasive because they use electricity which theoretically causes the brain to learn to compensate for damaged areas. I’m not sure if ECT has been proven successful, but I know a side effect is brain damage and memory impairment, but that is not the intention–the real intention is to change the brainwave activity I think. For example there are meridian stimulators which are a new technology that send pulses to different areas of the brain. It’s non-invasive and less restricted.

Surgery for schizophrenia hasn’t been done since the late 70’s. It’s my understanding that it’s frowned upon to treat a medical condition inappropriately and schizophrenia is a genetic brain illness, that is not caused by the brain but the genes of a person AKA surgery won’t even work. You can’t fix someone’s brain it’s not that easy. We hardly know which chemical receptors to activate or antagonize or agonize in order to correct the imbalance that is a result of the genetic malfunction…

It’s morbidly wrong, much like what Hitler did. Hitler also sent the mentally ill to concentration camps as well as experimental labs. This is where some of the inspiration came for these treatments during the time a little before the Cold War when the Nazis infiltrated the CIA and were inducted into military operations for their prior knowledge of weapons and tactics. These people were recruited to find out how to protect Americans, and instead it became a method to destroy us all.

Brain surgery and any other sort of mind control technique is not the same as someone who is paranoid of taking a pill. An educated doctor would realize that it’s human to be paranoid of taking a pill that shifts brain chemistry, because any insightful person knows that we live in a violent, and often oppressive world. Humanity needs to learn from consequences and not repeat mistakes. The same goes for the kinds of war Hitler started to create the Nazi Empire. Sometimes I feel like the U.S. has been attempting a Nazi type world invasion but I think most countries do. America is the least invasive and most freedom loving country, at least in my mind. But arrogance is our main problem, because we’re all freedom loving americans and no one has the right to take that away from us.

I personally like my “schizophrenic” symptoms. The voices have become overwhelming in the past, but I don’t think I want these voices and such to go away. I feel I have gained a considerable amount of insight into life due to the nature of my inner experiences, and thereby feel very enriched for having such a mind.

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But isn’t it weird that some meds cause akastheshia or whatever its called that’s like Parkinsons? I think drs don’t know jack and right now it is trial and error because the brain is like a snowflake supercomputer. No two function the same and they don’t have a clue how they even work. They have theories about chemicals and electrical signals, but its all in its infancy

They don’t know how the brain works. I’d have to say this is shady at best…and most likely a trap

I would go into massive life-long debt to have it if there was a surgical cure for schizophrenia…I would have heard of it in my psych classes if there was one.

The last thing we need is people “trying” surgeries on our brains…its just a little parasuicidal if you ask me. My meds to the trick for me anyways.

I don’t think it would be as simple as finding a cure for schizophrenia. It’s less of a diagnosis and more of a grouping of symptoms. So it’s likely the cause of one person’s symptoms is different from another; so what cures someone might not do a damn thing for someone else or even make them worse.