Surgical approaches in psychiatry: A survey of the world literature on psychosurgery


Brain surgery to promote behavioural or affective changes in men remains one of the most controversial topics at the interface of medicine, psychiatry, neuroscience and bioethics. Rapid expansion of neuropsychiatric deep brain stimulation has recently revived the field and warrants a careful appraisal of its two sides, namely the promise to help severely devastated patients on the one hand and the dangers of premature application without appropriate justification on the other. Here, we reconstruct the vivid history of the field and examine its present status to delineate the progression from crude free-hand operations into a multi-disciplinary treatment of last resort. This is accomplished by a detailed re-assessment of numerous case reports and small-scale open- or controlled trials in their historical and social context. The different surgical approaches, their rationale and their scientific merit are discussed in a manner comprehensible to readers lacking extensive knowledge of neurosurgery or psychiatry, yet with sufficient documentation to provide a useful resource for practitioners in the field and those wishing to pursue the topic further.

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I think the first real cure therapy aimed at schizophrenia is going to come in the form of deep brain stimulation. They gave this Chinese researcher a huge grant and three years to come up with something I read and it’s looking like DBS

They used to do this a long time ago. Do you think it will benefit in schizophrenia?

Yea well according to my doctor, whose a professor at a major teaching college in the city. She said to me, "who knows, in 5 or ten years they could have something new. Maybe an implant or something"
I know they have made tremendous progress with Parkinson’s disease and implants so I don’t see why schizophrenia would be any different.
I just have this feeling that whatever it is they are going to have to perform surgery on us to fix this. That’s just my feeling anyway

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i am not letting anyone anywhere near my brain, meds is about as far as i go, and an mri lol but thats non intrusive, (unlike my thoughts at the time) haha