Schizophrenia Cure

I am awaiting a cure for schizophrenia.

you have to wait for a long time…


I think we are a long way away from a total cure but I see the next step as being better management of the condition, and appearance of meds that treat negative symptoms better

Using in-virto fertilization, screening embryos for the schizophrenic genes before they gestate into fetuses and then to human babies is the current prevention method.

I oppose abortion of fetuses if they have schizophrenia, no matter how severe.

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There is no capability to do this.

They can’t yet use a genetic test to determine which adults have sz.

@twinklestars Apparently the schizophrenic gene has been found and can be screened from DNA material in embryos. There was a 60 Minutes show about it. It’s called Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis.

I believe it is possible to edit the genes of adult humans,
moreover it is done for many people, I just hope it reaches the internet and
becomes available for all who want it.


Please provide a link to the scientific paper as that would be a major advance. (ETA: preimplantation diagnosis is available for other, monogenic disease, like fragile X syndrome, cystic fibrosis, etc).

However I think it is likely that what they were referring to was a capability to screen for the 22q11.2 deletion, which causes intellectual disability and risk for sz, but is not a common cause of sz.

There are at least hundreds of risk genes for sz and everyone has some of them.

I don’t have any links to scientific papers on the subject but can put a link to CBS News search on the site. The “Breeding Out Disease” is the episode that discusses the subject. [](Results for "~latest stories~")

Yeah, I’m not sure what the outcome to these “designer babies” are but I wouldn’t doubt there are risks involved with this process.

Anyhow, PGD is a method to prevent schizophrenic prone genes in embryos from becoming schizophrenic adults. This is all I know about the topic.

I’m just saying, if we can’t take a bit of genetic material from an adult and say “genetically, this person will have sz” then we can’t do it with an embryo either.

However that day will probably come. I’m not sure it’ll be 100% because even in identical twins where one has sz, the other one doesn’t always have it, because there are other factors that come into play.

There are many diseases that can be screened for preimplantation though. And some of those, like 22q11.2 can lead to sz. But the vast majority of people with sz don’t have 22q11.2 deletion.


100 years for the cure…

Schizophrenia isn’t discernable in the womb. Only heightened risk, but killing based on risk is murder. Actually abortion is always murder.

With that in mind, I am pro-choice. Not going to explain myself here…

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