Did You Hear About That Guy in India Who Had successful surgery for schizophrenia?

Yeah apparently he was the 13th guy to have it. Of course with this disease “successful” is a loaded topic. If he is OK tomorrow that’s great, but what about 5, 10, 20 years down the line. This disease is tenacious as crap. Plus how do you pay for it? I don’t imagine the average schizophrenic’s insurance would cover it. A relative in my family once took stem cell therapy for arthritis which briefly restored her joints. But 2 months later the disease which obviously was still there caused a relapse. In other words the doctors were using it like a very expensive drug. I’ll take a wait and see attitude.


How can you do an operation on sz, when it is hard to locate the problem

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You know, I’m pretty sure lobotomies were touted as a “cure” at one point as well. Just sayin…


Where is the article? I want to see it too . Not able to find in net

So far what I heard is this surgery is meant for treatment resistant people perhaps down the line they would consider it for regular people with schizophrenia.

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Here i found more info from reliable media which is famous here.

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Are you going to take a trip to India?

Edit: I’m just joking

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Lol i told this to my dad he said i dont need all those one tap on the left and one on the right side of head lol i will be fine :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I think this is like electric therapy more like similar to it but to right regions where the chemical become active.

When i was on Aripriprazole i used to act like being electrocuted the entier bed shakes.

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It’s a modification of this surgery that done in the US




Johns Hopkins Neuromodulation and Advancement Treatments has there version in clinical trials.

Whatever you do, dont waste your money on those quacks.

The title of this thread makes it sound like there should be a punchline to a joke coming. Let me think…


These quacks might potentially break treatment resistant people free from psychosis who don’t responded at all to current treatments.

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I don’t always make jokes but I understand why it appeared one was coming.

No, did it involve implanting sz tablets? You know those are easier to just swallow. Jk :melting_face:

Living with this illness is potentially worse than dying so I understand why someone is willing to take the risk

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Not even close for me. It is possible to live an enjoyable life with SZ.