Supposed to double my Ozempic this week

Not looking forward to it.

My doctors keep pushing for it though, so I guess I am.
When I first started and when I increased dose it made me sick to stomach and vomit. I expect a similar reaction upon doubling dose.

I dont want to be sick for a week…


That sounds awful. I really hope that doesn’t happen

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Hi @Bowens are you taking it for your diabetes? Have you lost any weight yet on it? Ugh sick for a week isn’t good

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Yes, I’m taking it for diabetes. No, I have not lost weight on it.

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Yeah I felt sick on a higher dose of Mounjaro

So far im doing ok on 7.5mg

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Oh what a shame you need it then. Im on metformin i have a diabetic review in a couple of weeks, last years one was fine, no change, i just hope its the same this year

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