Superiority Complex

If some people didn’t have a superiority complex things might have been a lot different for me. I really hate how some people think they’re supposed to be better than other people just because of the nature of the person. They think things like, “Oh I’m so much more mature than this person” and things like, “Oh well he’s supposed to be inferior to me- so it’s ok to step on him.” And things like that. It’s like they don’t even know my first name, You know I have a first name right? And I’m not supposed to be inferior to you.

It’s just completely ridiculous. I’m actually a person. You know?

I am guilty of this way too often. It’s good to have occasional reminders to be humble. It is an area I struggle with.

People like that dehumanize people. Like I want to have friends like that. You know?

I was so naïve to think that people like that actually cared about me.

They probably do care. If they’re anything like me, they just have crippling insecurities, and the way they cope is by comparing themselves favorably to other people. “Oh, I’m not so bad. I’m better than so-and-so at this at least.” It quiets the inner judgment for a few minutes. I make an honest effort not to do this anymore. It was horrible when I first got sick, because I was so disappointed with myself for having this “weakness.”

Then again, they could just be turdbrains. Some people just suck. Mostly, we’re all just deeply flawed, though.

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Thank the Lord that I don’t live in their abusive, demeaning, drug infested, dehumanizing world anymore where everything that is actually wrong is right to them.