Super spreaders and true sufferers - animal doctors

This follows on from my first book recommendation here: Interesting books

Natural vets tend to be super spreaders of diseases, being unable to truly adapt their biology to that of animals, true sufferers stick to human biology believing that animals and humans are distinct. Biology is a contentious issue, the Greeks invented muscles, whilst the Chinese invented meridians, I’m not sure what the Africans invented, perhaps fat. Animals have their own law and one should be careful about experimenting on them like the birds.

I honestly don’t know much about African medicine, it could be that blood and bones come from Africa. Am always willing to learn a new discipline, but one has to make choices about which modality of medicine one specialises in ultimately. Nothing is ever complete theoretically, the ideas of life are indefinite.

I might add that the Indians invented chakras, but I have heard that these can be found in Nigerian tradition as well, separating myth from reality is for historians, and I am told chakras or centres are universal to some extent, those of the Earth have yet to be fully determined or realised, but we can identify capital cities across the globe.

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