About animal

do u ever find the lion or the tiger.when they smile.she wants kill and eat
i once find a program a lion.in circles.he huged the trainer.everybody feel touched.then he start attack thay guy

is it same like baby smile.when they just delivery.theu smile when they sleep first month.very strange

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I am sorry, but I am unable to understand your English. I am not sure what point you are trying to make.

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how do u know whp iam

I don’t. I only know what you share, but what you share is very hard to read and understand. Not trying to attack you or make you feel bad, just letting you know that the way you currently post here is going to be accompanied by many communication issues and misunderstandings.


as long as u r bad person

I am sure you have interesting things to share, @yuying. Just try to work on your English a little bit :smile:

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not actually.maybe because i don’t take medicine.that is why its hard to understand my thought.
but thank for ur advice.u r so kind hearted.i will study my english a bit more

I’ve never trusted big cats. My own cat sometimes will give me that innocent look just to pounce on me. They are very unpredictable creatures. I wouldn’t say the babies want to kill us but mainly learn to smile from us. Perhaps it is to signal us that they want to eat some food. What do you think?

my own opinion is talk about afterlife

now i know why we r exist.

I sure don’t :worried: