Shaman schizos

I believe we were able to survive in ancient times by becoming visionaries, shamans, or any other sort of spirit talker.
Our delusions made the legends and myths we hear today.
We made predictions and we were either right or wrong and depending on that the community either shunned us for scaring them or praised us for coincidentally recognizing patterns in the world and making predictions that would then become true.

Imagine yourself unmedicated in the times of tribes.
You have a delusion of a tiger coming to attack, you put the tribe on high alert.
Thankfully a tiger comes close vicinity of the nesting grounds.
You are praised for seeing the threat beforehand and now we have a dead tiger and meat for a week.

What do you think


nature heals…become crow

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Yes, we could be shamans, prophets,
saints, philosophers etc.


I think we were probably shunned and/or killed for being annoying by the tribe. Assuming we didn’t run at tigers ourselves because we had some delusions of invincibility.




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I can see this feeding people Delusions of Grandeur. But carry on - its interesting.

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This is a historical hypothesis I don’t understand

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Fair enough - maybe its just me then :cowboy_hat_face:

Its hard to know how thing were way back in ancient times. I imagine more people dying early.

Charlie used to talk about this on here, can’t remember his username

But he was suspended so many times that
He never came back.

Unless you’re Charlie.

I think most of us were useless and sent off into the woods to starve alone if we weren’t killed outright. Odds are that the “shaman” of olden days were highly functional con men like the megachurch preachers of today.


That doesn’t make sense to me, if that were the case schizophrenia should have been eviscerated a long time ago

Treatment for SZs has historically been quite barbaric. It was legal to sterilize us and physically scramble our brains using tools pounded up our noses in the last half century. What makes you think we would have been treated better in older times when we had zero legal protections at all and life was even cheaper? They would hang a six year old for stealing a loaf of bread in England a few centuries back.


Probably not shamans actually, but I bet you we’ve found out the true nature of reality to an extent, know what I mean?

I thought I was a shaman once

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Sorry, I don’t watch these videos. I dislike having to slow my input speed to other people’s output speeds. I stick to text for this reason.

I feel things to deep sometimes

The “shamen” Band were not bad lol.

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