On the subject of Pills

Seems to be a very emotive subject for some of you. Just posted a few interesting articles/areas of current research.

i’m Not opposed to a wise use of medication, & i take a low dose of one medication. i personally accept my diagnosis, condition, illness & medication. i’m also keen on more comprehensive psycho-social help & support approaches & an acknowledgment of the spiritual in mental health care, for those to whom it is in any/whatever way important.

No Dramas.

That should be obvious , sz is serious business , peoples lives are at risk , families in peril…do I need to go on…its not so long ago when people took a rode to the brain with a tap of a hammer through the eye. Count you lucky stars…

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Not so long ago that some were revered Shaman either.

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In what world , first world or third world , remind me

Wasn’t/isn’t the ‘3rd World’ the First World in Reality anyway? Or are we just counting from the Western Industrial/Scientific Revolution of the past 300 to 450 years? lol.

Moved to Unusual Beliefs because I remember the last go 'round.

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An Unusual Belief for me to accept i have an illness & accept the medication - i wouldn’t disagree.

Just waiting for the usual arguments to start. Won’t take long.


I know where I want to live.
Anyway must it go the way of all your other threads

It goes where it does - i’ve Not posted/said anything untoward nor against the forum rules - Not my stuff mate.

Later , hsadn off this thread…