Suggestion for The Lounge

Change description from…

The place for non-schizophrenia related discussions, chats, fun, contests, etc. For everyone.


The place for non-schizophrenia related discussions, chats, fun, contests, etc. For those whose diagnoses fall on the psychotic spectrum, and who require a “safe space” to socialize with each other away from ‘normies’.



Not bad. I’d still like a place to discuss psychotic symptoms in a serious, recovery-based context, without the 4-day closure rule. If this change is implemented, do you still see a place for that?

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Agree that the 4 day closure rule is a big barrier to somewhere where those on the spectrum but not sz/sz-a can discuss their issues.

Well, the other problem is that Diagnosed implies you are actually Diagnosed. There is no place for those who think they are experiencing psychosis but who do not have a formal diagnosis. Maybe break out the recovery forums like this:

  • Substance abuse / addiction issues
  • Psychotic symptoms
  • Negative symptoms
  • SZ/SZa diagnosed discussions
  • MI recovery strategies
  • Creative area for the diagnosed

Half the problem is that the current forum structure is awkward.



This to me, makes much more sense than half that other thread.

I agree. Nice way to resolve the issue pixel.

Then don’t we get overloaded with sub forums? Personally I’d go for a general/other mental health issues forum and a past/present sz/sz-a forum.

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But what if you’re like me…

You have Sz…you’re a cross-dresser…you talk to chipmunks…and you fry bacon in the nude!

Where do I fit in??


We get a lot of posts about people having trouble with booze/cigs/etc. We do need addictions. Negative symptoms (avolition/depression) is also a huge topic and deserves it’s own area. SZ/SZa gives those members who need that safe harbour a spot, but leaves the discussions public so that others can read them. MI recovery strategies could be redundant, but would be a great place to ‘sticky’ tips that come up often.

Open to suggestions. Really do think we need to get rid of ‘for everyone’ on The Lounge. Those who aren’t on the psychotic spectrum should be shown the door. The original intent was that it would be a safe socializing space for those who can’t socialize in meatspace because of their illness.


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Trash compactor. Duh.



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I too think non psychotic spectrum people need to hit the road. Time for them to hit up reddit or whatever.


Could we add an Other Psychotic Disorders discussion subforum? I’ve been kind of imagining having focus threads on what other disorders look like, what the experience is, what the delusions tend to be (for example, sz/a seem to have delusions with very broad implications - conspiracies and god or prophet delusions - but mine are generally very personal and devastating - that I killed my cat in multiple, contradictory ways, mainly), what the pattern of episodes look like. I’d really like a place for that.

I know that @szadmin has been reluctant in the past to break the site into too many subforums, but I think this suggestion of yours could clear a lot of things up and relieve a lot of stress.

I will say that I think it will require more moderation than one person can handle on their own.

I do like that idea

What counts as psychotic spectrum? SZ/A? Because many mental illnesses can cause psychosis. Bipolar for example, is traditionally considered a psychotic illness by Kraepelin/the Kraepelin dichotomy. Depression was just considered neurosis.

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I like @firemonkey’s suggestion of a 2 category site.

One for diagnosed SZ /SZA past and present and another place for other psychotic illnesses -
Non psychotic folks should not be involved.

@pixel I can see your point but am wondering about the technical issue of navigating the forums and whether things should be kept as simple as possible.
Maybe due to my own illness and ambiguous positions from pdocs I am not always clear where I stand on the psychotic/non psychotic side of the fence.
I’m not a vanilla flavoured neurotic but then neither am I a severe psychotic. I don’t think,especially since being on regular meds that I’m overtly psychotic but terms like has psychotic symptoms and delusions have been used in the past.

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My point is I’d argue that bipolar should be included although I’m not bipolar myself (I’m schizophrenic) because bipolar was traditionally considered a psychosis, just an ‘affective psychosis’ as opposed to a ‘schizophrenic psychosis.’ So does @anon40540444 mean a schizophrenia spectrum or just a psychosis spectrum in general (which would include any disease which causes psychosis).

I am also wondering how to handle Unusual Beliefs. Issues are…

  1. Continually shunting religious discussions there is insulting to those members who are able to keep their faith and their illness separate. I will always be up front about the fact that I don’t ‘get’ religion, but the people who have managed this remarkable accomplishment deserve much better than they are receiving. I’d like to see those threads where people demonstrate their use of faith as a functioning support moved to MI recovery strategies.
  2. It would be redundant with a Psychotic etc. forum. Thinking a sub-forum, maybe.
  3. If we’re being honest, it should be named weird ass shiz, eggs by the dozen, or AAAAIEEEEE!!!

Why not go with the DSM definition?

Schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders include schizophrenia, other psychotic disorders, and schizotypal (personality) disorder. They are defined by abnormalities in one or more of the following five domains: delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking (speech), grossly disorganized or abnormal motor behavior (including catatonia), and negative symptoms.

Whaddaya think?

My main thought is that those who suffer from it and who need support for it would probably wind up posting about it. Those who are just visiting, not so much.

Can’t see how it could be any worse than the last forum software package we had.

Opening the site to bi-polar is how we got into the current mess. I would suggest that should stick to schizophreniform disorders, but that’s just my opinion. No shortage of bi-polar support out there already. The more focused support communities they are, the more successful they tend to be, in my experience.


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Stop nit-picking terminology. If you have a psychotic illness, it’s pretty obvious. I certainly don’t mean “any mental illness” because if you have say OCD and are hearing voices, something is not right.