I'm just going to post anywhere now

i don’t want a seperate bit for just sz/sza i don’t care about that, i’ll just post wherever i like, its annoying having that there now for me, its like i have been labeled all over again :frowning:

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You can post wherever you want if you have sz/sza. It’s just that people without sz/a can’t post in the sz/a forum. People with sz/a CAN post in dx’d -others.

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but idk why they did it, its strange, i think we should all be under general sz area rather than seperate areas for diagnosed

Although this site is called schizophrenia.com, I think it’s for those with diagnoses of other mental illnesses than schizophrenia such as bi-polar, depression, anxiety, etc.

We don’t want to ban anyone who is in need or wants to help others, right. Whatever the diagnosis.

Just my opinion…

as long as it is related to sz thats ok but if its not then they are here when they shouldn’t be, its called schizophrenia.com for a reason and thats because it is centred around that,

there use to be a sister website on the old forum and it was for bipolar and there use to be a link to it on the main page of the old forum but it was stopped for whatever reason

Yes this is called schizophrenia.com but what if someone with a diagnosis of other mental illness searched something and found this site helpful?

This should be a place mainly for schizophrenics but also for those with other diagnoses as long as it helps them.

so i guess maybe we should change the name of the site then to maybe mental illness forum.com or something,

i know others come here by accident but this is a site for people related with schizophrenia if people want to support us thats fine but its got to be centred around sz,

Well that is an idea.

Things are not always clear-cut, and it’s difficult to draw the line. If we want this for only sz we should’ ve said that first.

well, may as well do a poll

  • to remain a schizophrenic centred website
  • to allow all mental illnesses to get involved
  • no comment

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Yeah ok if this site became a place only for schizophrenics, what are you gonna do to those with other mental illness already on here?

I don’t know how many are there, though.

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its up to those people to know what they should and shouldn’t do, if they are here knowing that they shouldn’t be here then their conscience should tell them that what they are doing is wrong but other than that there is nothing i can do or a mod can do or anybody can do, its up to the individual.

if you have bipolar then idk why you would be here anyway, or if you only have anxiety or something, there are other forums that deal specifically with those illnesses but if it is related to sz then that is fine.

such is my understanding.

do a poll

My own belief was that this was a forum primarily for sz/a but that people who experienced psychosis(past or present) who didn’t fit sz/a were also welcome here. That would include people with bipolar 1 with psychosis, psychotic depression, borderline personality disorder-psychosis tends to be more transient ditto with paranoid personality disorder and schizotypal and delusional disorder etc.
The “other” forum I believe was for those who experienced psychosis but didn’t have a past/present diagnosis of sz/a. It may also be a forum to discuss co-morbid issues like anxiety and depression.

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I’d rather change it to mental illness forums.com.

Why does it have to stick to schizophrenia, if this was for ppl with any mental illness then it’d be easier for me to understand there’re sz section, bi-polar section, depression section, etc.

That’s the reason for category

You gave me a much better understanding
Thank you.

yes, anything with any of the symptoms of sz or related to sz

traditionally its always been a schizophrenia related website

I’m happy for it to remain schizophrenia based. I can’t find a real life support group for anything other than bipolar where I live so it’s nice to have somewhere to come that acts as a virtual support group specifically for my condition.

I feel you should include other psychotic illnesses. Diagnoses of other psychotic disorders can be variable. Some people on here who were bipolar were then rediagnosed as schizophrenic or vice versa. Also it is difficult to find good support forums for other psychotic disorders. For example I have depression with psychotic features. Good luck finding a support forum for that. There are support forums for depression but they would not understand my psychotic symptoms as well as the people here do.


Fortunately / unfortunately this has all been discussed ad nauseam and the result was the sz/a forum/section.


you are more than welcome to post here as you have sz related symptoms, basically if you have had any sort of psychotic illness then that counts as it is a symptom of schiz being psychotic and such,

personally i think there should be a list, like a proper list of all the different kinds of illnesses that are related to sz that are aloud to post here, i think anybody can support us but there should be a clear distinction about who should be aloud to get support. in my opinion.

I see.
As @firemonkey said, there seem to be ppl who don’t fit into the sz category.

For those, the ‘other’ category can be helpful

There might be ppl who have other mental illness without psychosis, but as you said it’s up to them, I guess.