Diagnosed for the Diagnosed

I remember the old forums, back when the diagnosed section was for people actually diagnosed with schizophrenia or schizoaffective. If someone who wasn’t diagnosed posted there they’d rightfully get jumped by the regulars.

Somehow this forum has degenerated to a state where anyone can post anywhere about anything. What’s the point then? Why not just make it a general forum? Abandon the sections and drop the name. Or maybe just make the page a redirect to reddit or something.


Although there are non schizophrenics posting I have changed my mind about allowing everybody “in”. I only say this because of @Sarad I feel she has a place here even though she’s not schizophrenic. Other than her, I say as long as they are approaching schizophrenic posts, why not? I am not disagreeing with you @Malvok I miss the old forums too.

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And who is anyone, in particularly?
Only me and rhubot of regular posting members, as far as I know. And bluey, if you are going that straight.
Hate the vague accusations. Name it, be certain.

I agree about “diagnosed section” being left to sz/a diagnosed.
But dont make it like you’ve been invade by non-schizophrenics, for god sake. O.o

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It can get a bit fuzzy, I mean its not so clear cut.

For example, I display both bipolar and schizophrenic symptoms, my last diagnosis was schizoaffective disorder.

My current psychiatrist tells me that I carry both bipolar and schizoaffective symptoms, but she may have kept the bipolar diagnosis for me, does this mean that I should not post in the Diagnosed section?

I honestly dont know what my official DX is… but I do know that psychosis can be part of the picture.

I mean there is a diagnosis of bipolar that she likes to mention to me, but there is also the official DX that she sends to my insurance company - it could very well be schizoaffective disorder.

Can you really go by a diagnosis? Half the time psychiatrists get it wrong - the Diagnostic system is imperfect to say the least.


I thought it might be nice to have an Other Psychotic Disorders forum, but it’s exactly what you said - does this mean people would have to shuffle back and forth based on what their psychiatrist said that week? It also seems like a way of unnecessarily splitting our knowledge and support base.

In my case, the dx is psychotic depression. My understanding is that what differentiates this from sza-depressive is that psychosis only occurs within the context of a depressive episode, and that the delusions are mood-congruent. I haven’t spent any significant time outside of a depressive episode since I was twelve. So, does this make me too sad when my psychosis occurs to post here?

I was comfortable falling under the umbrella of “closely related disorder”, as indicated in the Diagnosed rules. I guess I really don’t see a lot of people posting about “whatever” in the Diagnosed forum, or if I do, it’s not a strict sz/sza vs other split between who does and who does not.


What about the family members on here? I know if I had someone significant in my life with sz I’d want to be all over this site looking for ways to help.


The people you talk about might not be sz, but they do have similar illnesses. If a person is psychotic that is close enough for me. Surely you wouldn’t want to deny people suffering from symptoms similar to our disease the support they can get on this site. It’s like you are leaving them out in the cold. I have to disagree with you on this one.


Honestly, if I was about to choose between the sz’s who post either trolling or anti meds content and non sz who are offering constructive advice, information and support…well, what do you think? :slight_smile:

(Also, I guess @anon40540444 wasn’t feeling OK last night, I believe it was just a bad moment, or it would seeme that he forgot how @Rhubot spent hour or more talking with him while he had a breakdown - and it was not so long ago)

Just my 2. Again. :relieved:

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I detect an increasingly anti non sz vibe here that is making me feel uneasy . I would not want to stay where I am not wanted.
Should the diagnosed forum be strictly for those officially diagnosed, if so where do those not yet officially diagnosed but exhibiting possible signs of sz go ? If strictly for the officially diagnosed those people would lose out on the help and support that could be got from these forums.
As @Wave says diagnoses are imperfect and there is a certain overlapping of symptoms. Two people with the same set of symptoms one’s pdoc can diagnose them schizoaffective depressed type and the other’s pdoc psychotic depression.
Circumstance can result in change of diagnosis. For 22 years I had a schizoaffective mixed type diagnosis(that was my dx when I came to sz.com) then along came a new pdoc into personality disorders and my diagnosis changed. What if that pdoc had never come with his interpretation of my symptoms? I might well still be schizoaffective mixed type and no one would be questioning my right to be here.
As @Rhubot points out diagnosed is also for those with “closely related disorders” - bipolar with psychosis could be seen as closely related to schizoaffective manic type, psychotic depression closely related to schizoaffective depressive type, the A type personality disorders(Paranoid,schizoid, schizotypal) are regarded as schizophrenia spectrum personality disorders and there is a school of thought that says avoidant PD should be included as well.


I’ve been diagnosed as schizoaffective by some and chronic undifferentiated schizophrenic by others for over 40 years. However my experiences often have little in common with people here, my symptoms being all negative ones. No delusions or hallucinations. I do benefit by sharing the symptoms I do have in common.

I have the diagnosis of schizophrenia that would officially qualify me to be here on the site, while others that share the positive symptoms, and could identify and benefit here more than me might not have the required diagnosis.

Is it all about a word, as we sometimes accuse the psychiatric world with doing or is it about experience of living people. We should know better.


I somtimes post topics in the diagnosed section. Ill make a note to keep to the unusual beliefs section

Speaking personally – and strictly as a user here – I would like to see a forum for those diagnosed with an MI that has psychotic features and one specifically for those with current SZ/SZa diagnoses only. One of the first things you learn when you’re diagnosed with SZ is that you don’t fit in a lot of places. Sure would be nice to have a little spot that is ours and ours alone. You’d think that would be possible at schizophrenia.com, right?

I’ve been in a 12 Step Program for just over half my life now. AA is for alkies. Those with other addictions are asked to attend other programs. That tradition is in place because it works. I’m not averse to mixing with people who have other substance abuse issues at more general functions, but it’s nice to have a place that is all your own with people who understand exactly what you’re going through.

So, no, I don’t want to see anyone tossed off the site, but it would be nice to have a private corner for those with SZ since this site has a SZ focus.

My 2 cents. They’re Canuck, so you’ll have 0.03 cents after exchange, for what it’s worth.



Maybe it’s possible to add a “Other Psychotic Disorders” category

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There is too much of a gray area. For example, where would I post? My doctor says I have sz, but he can’t legally call it that because of my brain tumor, so I got shunted into the NOS category. Do I have to stay away from a forum where people have almost every experience in common with me, just to protect the sensitive feelings of a few exclusionary posters?


I don’t think anyone should be off the forum because some people dislike them, I stand by the new category

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It makes no difference to me. I welcome all comments by everyone on here.

By the way, if anyone here wants my diagnosis, you’re welcome to it! LOL!

I am failing to see what possible difference other than a name label between schizophrenia and " other psychotic disorders" would actually be the significant one?
And I’m saying this strictly as someone who doesn’t fit anywhere and should be leaving the forum, for the enormous happiness of a few folks. ::slight_smile:

I think that ‘diagnosed’ people should be proud because they are so cool that everyone wants to hang out with them. :wink:

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Yes, we are better than everyone else! :grin:

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It would serve to make a subclass of people cut off from a major source of support. @everhopeful posted a poll that showed that something like 87% of the people here do have an sz/a diagnosis. So, there’s your Other Psychotic Disorders population.