Sugar challenge

Hey all,

I will join a one week sugar challenge starting 8th of june.

Last month i already kicked some habits. Im cooking healthy food 6 out of 7 days. I try and drink water, rarely soda or juice. I did have a day when son and i baked a few pies/cakes and i had a major sugar crash after.

Next week i will cut out added sugar completely (so all refined sugar and substitutes, but not fruit). I think it will be hard, but healthy. I hope it will help energy and mood after withdrawal and want to continu for a 30 day challenge after if i feel it is feasible.

I already know i might “sin” one day, when i have a date in a restaurant, thought i will ask about sugarfree options. But besides that i want to be strict.

Anyone want to join me - or just motivate me to hang on - in either the 7 or the 30 day sugar challenge?


I hope you can do it. I try to eat sugar only once a week. Sunday. I wouldn’t mind doing the 30 day challenge.


I badly want to join this, living with two people who stress bake right now.


I’m willing to start June 1 if you are.

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Okay, let’s make it 1st of June! Cool that you guys want to join.

I know there is sugar (or aspartame, or other stuff) in many processed foods or sauces or juices here, so im going to really watch what i cook and eat/drink. I want to have simple food.

I will start tomorrow with grocery shopping for healthy foods and finding nice recipes. Ideas are welcome.

Hope it works out well.

I’m just cutting out candy, pop and desserts. I won’t being going to in-depth about sugar being in processed food.

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That is great and healthy already i think! It helps a lot (and saves the hassle of checking labels). Why do you want to join? Weight loss, feeling more fit?

My son will also join in this way. He is at my fathers place half the evenings, but here he wants to join in my way…in my fathers place he will avoid candy, cakes, etc.

I’m already doing this because I am diabetic. I join your challenge.


Count me in! I have successfully cut out sugary foods in the past but have recently been eating ice cream and pastries. I need to stop before the stress-eating of sugary treats gets out of hand.

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Nice that you are joining. Just a few days until June 1. I had my last ice cream today! Also, my new (second hand) dress arrived and i will only fit in when i lose a few kilo’s. An extra motivation.

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Count me in too. :slight_smile:

Sounds like an awesome idea for me!

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I will go grocery shopping tomorrow morning and get all healthy food and no sugary things. My son will join with help of my father (who takes care of him part of the time). Even my new date will join.

Hope you are still joining the 1st - monday - and we will all get healthy and slim. :slight_smile:


I have a friend who is having similar weight issues to me so we have partnered up as a team to fight this added sugar craving.

basically whenever I feel like I might cave in I will text him and vice versa


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I’m diabetic but will eat sugary foods like cereal once in a while.
It’s not out of hand.

You can’t eliminate sugar altogether.

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I especially like oranges and bananas :slight_smile:

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@anon90843118, good that you found a friend to help. That is great! Im happy my date is joining me…I hope we can motivate each other.

Oh and i love strawberries and raspberries.

@wave good that it isnt out of hand. I think zero sugar is impossible…But i want to eat as little added sugar as possible. I need a better diet.


Good for you @anon49901817
I wish you luck with it!

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@anon78876561 @GEDchill @Moonbeam (@velociraptor) @Sheryl @anon90843118

Hey all, tomorrow is the start of sugar challenge month…are you still joining?

I started putting my food choices, exercise and weight in a good diet app and it helps a lot!

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yes I am :slight_smile:
I am just have my last drink of coke atm …

thanks for making this thread good idea

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Does this include artifical sugar?

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