I am dying to lose 50 pounds

I have gotta get ahold of myself when it comes to food intake.

I am trying socially now and am hoping this will help.

hugs, judy


Hi, what do you mean by “trying socially now”? The hunger / food intake is a hard one - try to include or focus on vegetables, especially low cal ones like cucumber and celery - and avoid simple carbs like bread, pasta, sugars, and sugary drinks.

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thank you szadmin. easier said than done for me however. I am addicted to sugars.

I am trying to meet people to go out with. I made some efforts in that direction and am hoping i’ll make friends somewhere someway.



There are websites like livestrong for example where you can check the amount of calories you consume per day and gives you an idea of what kind of deficit you should aim for,

Do not starve yourself as it not only reduces your metabolism, but you are more likely to have a yo-yo diet where you lose then put it back on. Also, if you have spare time, perhaps going for a walk may be ideal or joining a gym. The gym can be intimidating at first but everyone is there to do their own thing and not judge you. Personally, I take my headphones and listen to my own music.


I’ve been on a low carb diet and I hope that the diet combined with not touching alcohol will help me lose weight naturally. My joints are pretty messed up and I can’t just take up the mantle and run 8 miles on Monday mornings like the good old days of my early 20s. So I put my emphasis on this diet hoping to see some progress. Word of warning if you try low carb for a period of time, you will go through carb withdrawal and feel really tired and bent out of shape the first few days. I’m just now getting over those feelings and am avoiding carbs and sugar altogether. I’m also an at risk candidate for diabetes because of all the medicine and the weight gain I’ve been through. So I really have to straighten up and fly right or else I may get more medical problems in the future.


good luck to you neveragain.

sounds like you got things going for your diet plans.



Hi ifeelblessed

I have been worried about my weight since i was 11, usually been large or normal weight, once obese for a time and never underweight
I was a yo yo dieter, losing 28 - 49 lbs about 6 - 8 times in my life i’ve lost count

The only thing that you need to do is get a handle on sugar and the weight will fall off

I stopped having sugar on boxing day, days 7 - 10 i fell off the cliff of sugar detox emotionally and swore to myself that I would stay off it despite those cravings… Yes they were bad, yes i usually crave, yes i have craved since, but little

I was 13st 8lbs, i’m now 11st 8 lbs and I’m as committed as day one to get to a low normal weight.

I know it’s quite slow but 50 lbs should take a year really!!!

I’d like to be 8st 10 again, and avoid middle aged obesity,

Habits have to change.

Stay off all fruit (for the first 10 days or so) no bread, no biscuits, no chocolate, no pasta, no sweets, no puddings of any kind, nothing with sugar or honey or agave nectar, or high fructose corn syrup or dextrose, anywhere on the ingredients of anythingg that you have.

(I have relaxed on pasta and bread now but it’s rare and minimal.)

I think i stuck to that religiously for about 10 days, committed to it for life and started cheating(!)

fruit is okay if it is fresh

Dried fruit and orange juice were occasional things along with occasional pineapple, load of grapes, box of sugar free chocolate, but they are also treats and I am moving back towards strict now… now avoiding all treats.

Dairy helps, on atkins you can have 115g a day or something and I have this frequently and most days. Natural yoghurt is fine, soya natural yogurt has sugar. - be careful of livening it up with fruit, fresh unsweetned food is okay dried fruit is not - but it’s another cheat i have had a few times.

I think perfection is almost impossible, when i go to my in laws and they haven’t checked the labels for sugar : I eat it anyway.

Someone ignores my protests and bakes for me as a guest I once did have profiteroles.

I think that is it as far as cheats go!

Would love to support you more with this - It did take me 2 years of trying and failing to get onto a no sugar diet, the atkins way - i just found it too hard

I needed the fresh fruit i think that was the one thing that saved me it feels like

avoiding it for a few days at the start is essential though or it won’t be a treat for the rest of your life!!


Hi Judy, I am dieting too. Otherwise we will be literally dying way before our time. Good luck to both of us. I’ve been stuck at around 228-230 for more than 7 months. My goal is 199 lbs.


Walking is a good way to burn calories. It gets easier with practice. Maybe you could try that.

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My social out coming came with joining the gym where I am gradually learning the art of being truly sociable. I’ve stuck my foot in my mouth many times and sometimes have to force myself to show up. You learn to live it down and go on. The weight came off with no dieting although I’m a vegan anyway which I find easy and healthy.

I wish you luck Judy. I have lost 30 pounds over the last year just eating smaller and more frequent meals. I am still around 240 lbs. though. Good luck !!

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All the tips people posted are great, but I have something to add.

I gained about 120 lbs in 10 years when I took Clozaril. Losing weight on meds (if that’s the case for you) is not the same as when you aren’t taking something that is working against you in that department. Often your metabolism is completely out of whack, and with exercise your body often reacts differently than it should. You may become overheated easily or sweat more or less than normal.

Sugar cravings were a nightmare for me on Clozaril. Certain metabolic changes we go through while medicated are nearly impossible to fight. They can be improved upon for sure, but the route you take will likely have to be different. If you crave sugar, see if you can cut out certain things but still get a fix somehow. It could even be 6oz of 100% fruit juice and the other 6oz club soda instead of regular soda, for example. If you try to deny your cravings too strongly, they will overcome you. It’s not a matter of willpower, it’s a chemical need you have from a foreign substance swimming through your body. Something that can be helpful is to give yourself an “allowance” and find alternatives to certain things you crave. Sugar acts as a drug as well, and if you don’t treat it as one, it will mess you up. I felt like I was failing when I couldn’t control the cravings, but after discontinuing I realized my body was very different. If you give in, don’t beat yourself up about it; it’s a learning process and your body is telling you it needs something to compensate for the changes the drug have caused it. Many drugs will cause insulin resistance. There are different ways you can treat this with diet and exercise as well. That may in turn help the cravings.

thanks for all the good advice and encouragement.

:smile: :blush: judy